January 22, 2016

Random January Favorites

It's been one full year since I've been on this blog. (so much sad face)

But, I'm back with products that I really been loving the past month and I figured I share them with you all because sharing great products with other people is caring. There's also a blizzard currently happening so what a better time to blog right?

Body Creams

Body creams/ body butters are essential in the winter to provide extra moisture for the dry skin that tends to occur. My personal favorite at the moment is the Bath and Body Works Body Creams. If you haven't tried them out yet, definitely consider it for these colder months. It's thicker than their lotions and as I mentioned before, has that added moisture. They always have different scents for the different seasons but I've been obsessed with the ones I had from the Autumn collection. I'm also just obsessed with that season and wish it was Autumn all year long.

Pumpkin Marshmallow Latte is the perfect balance between pumpkin and the sweetness of marshmallow. Cup of Warmth which is described as vanilla chai and biscotti smells just exactly what it is. It smells comforting and it does have a hint of nutmeg in it but it's not overwhelming. Unfortunately, I don't think these products are available in these scents anymore but you can definitely check out ebay or amazon. But I would highly recommend the body creams in general for how amazing their scent selection is and how moisturizing they are. They normally range from $12.50-$13 but if you sign up with Bath and Body Works for coupons, they'll occasionally send out $5 body cream coupons which is awesome and explains why I still have other body creams not used up yet.

Micellar Water

Micellar Water seems to be a big trend at the moment and I discovered one from Sephora that actually makes me enjoy taking off my makeup and I think it's a great switch over for those, like myself, love makeup wipes for easy and quick makeup removal. Because let's be honest, some nights you need you're bed and you need some Netflix.

Triple Action Cleansing Water

So for starters, I appreciate the pump so so much. Any makeup or skin care product that has a pump just makes it so much easier to use the product and actually makes me want to use the product. I love that it removes everything without water (including eye makeup) and replenishes the skin. I found that makeup wipes were drying on my skin whereas the Micellar water makes my face feel clean and hydrated but not oily such as what you would get from eye makeup removers. $20 for the 13.5 oz but they also have smaller sizes available if you didn't want to commit to the big size (I actually might purchase a smaller one just to travel with) But yes, this stuff is awesome and you're really getting you're money's worth since you don't have to buy eye makeup remover in addition to makeup wipes.

Lip Balms 

I love lip balms. They're great all year round but the winter time is when I become obsess. I actually become pretty upset when I forget my lip balm at home because I'm a child. But the 2 I've been loving at the moment is the Burt's Bees Pumpkin Spice Lip Balm (of course I would be loving that). It smells like pumpkin but not as sweet as pumpkin pie. It's just very subtle but I still love it. I know the have a Mint Cocoa one as well but I haven't got a chance to try that one yet. But it's a great basic lip balm with a not so overwhelming scent but enough to make you feel great because you're lips smell great. (is it weird that I care about thing like that?)

Recently bought this next set but it's one of my favorite brands and it's well known here in the beauty community. The Fresh Sugar Bare Beauties set is a limited edition set with 2 deluxe sized lip balms in the colors Nude and Honey. I was torn between which nude color to get in the full size and then I saw they had this set for $24 which is the same price for one full sized tube. I love how pigmented their lip balms are but at the same time how moisturizing and comfortable they are on the lips. I notice too that they're not at glossy as some other lip balms might be. They're not greasy and have a unique minty scent to them but it's almost like a relaxing minty scent. (I hope that made sense). And I just love that it's not a lip balm that you have to keep reapplying. I feel like these lip balms help treat your lips throughout the day while moisturizing them. But if you like having comfort on your lips with a bit of color to be "put together" without having to maintain your lips throughout the day, I would highly recommend these in general. But grab the value set if you can since it's limited edition and you're getting 2 smaller lip balms for the price of 1 full size.

So that's all from me for now. Until next time, stay beautiful!