September 18, 2017

August/ Finally it's the End of Summer Favorites 2017

Good Morning! Clearly, I'm more than ready for the Fall weather to come as I sit here listening to 80's romantic ballads. Not too many new products for this end of the summer post but nevertheless, they are favorites.

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter:
This is definitely an added new favorite to my body butter collection. It's a very light weight but hydrating formula with argan oil in it and dries down quickly. On the Sephora website, they describe this product as velvety which I would agree with. It has that whipped light texture to it as well and a little bit goes a long way. I haven't tried the other scents yet but the Vanilla Apricot (the one I currently own) has the perfect amount of light sweetness and apricot scent to it. I might pick this product up again when the Spring comes around.   

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Paaarty: 
I have two blushes for my favorites this month because I really couldn't chose just one. This mini sized was in the Sephora birthday gift this year and I think it's one of the best free birthday gifts that they put out. Overall, I've always loved Tarte Blushes. They last all day on me, waterproof, and has excellent pigmentation but is still very blendable on the skin. This particular color is no exception from the performance that these blushes provide. It's a pink/ beige shade and great for everyday for a natural flush of color. These deluxe sizes will last you for a while too so if you haven't tried Tarte blushes yet, I would recommend getting this free birthday gift option and try it out for yourself. I doubt you'll be disappointed in it.

 Anastasia Blush Trio in Pink Passion:
So here's the second blush that I've been loving towards the end of the Summer. I like how this is a trio set and you can use the blushes on their own or all together to get a blush contour effect (which seems to be coming back in style). I also think it's great for the price point to get three blushes for $30 and in a compact but functional case. I personally love using a fluffy blush brush and sweeping across all three of the colors starting at the apples of cheeks and applying it upwards towards the top of my ears. I just love the effect it gives and it makes it look like more was done to the face when it was just a rather one easy step.

Sephora Collection Classic Double Ended Multitasker and Concealer Brush #202:
I plan on making a post in the future of my favorite brushes and you can probably guess that this one will be included on that list. Of course, I love that this is a duo foundation and concealer brush so it's great for those traveling or those who just don't want so many brushes. I love that the foundation brush helps build medium to full coverage with liquid or powder products. The bristles are very soft and doesn't leave any streaks on the face. I do love the concealer brush side of it as well, but I find that I don't use that as often. I wish the concealer side was just a little bit wider such as my e.l.f concealer brush to spread out the concealer over more space. However, I find the concealer brush side to be small to conceal precise detailed areas which could be good for cleaning up a red lip or wing. Overall, it's been my go to brush this month and has been incredibly convenient especially when I don't want to lug all of my brushes with me.

Lancome Monsieur Mascara:
This is my first Lancome mascara that I've ever tried and holy cow (is it lame to say that?), this is amazing. I can see why people adore Lancome mascaras. This holds the curl and length so well throughout the day. I also like how this provides volume but separates my lashes as well. The only down side to this is that I do find it a bit difficult to remove at the end of the day so it's best to use waterproof eye makeup remover on a cotton round and hold it on the eye or about a minute or so. I was so impressed with this one and it makes me want to check out the other Lancome cult favorite mascaras.

Kat Von D Saint Eau de Parfum:
This has been my main fragrance this past summer and I've got some many compliments on it. I do like both scents in her collection but the saint scent is light and feminine without it being overpowering or overly sweet. It's described has having notes of vanilla, musk, and jasmine and it's a perfect light balance of all three. I think the only downside to this is that it last me for about 5 hours I would say. However, this is a great perfume if you're looking for something not too heavy but still intriguing. Trust me, you'll get plenty of compliments on this. Also, the packaging it truly a work of art.

My apologize again that this was incredibly late to post. As I type this I already have some September Favorites lining up for the end of the month.


August 22, 2017

Dupe?: Loreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara vs. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Hi hi. My apologies for being gone for so long, for August has been a chaotic month and not enough coffee in between the days. But with some free time I have right now, I figured I finally give you my opinion on whether this Loreal mascara is the drugstore dupe for the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.

I was really excited when I first saw this launched because I do love the Too Faced mascara a lot but I also love me a good drugstore dupe (I mean who doesn't?). Especially when it comes to mascaras, I almost never justify buying a high end mascara when mascara expires in 3 months. Unless it's in one of these favorite sets, then it's definitely worth it. 

So to the review. The Too Faced mascara almost gives a false eyelash look and provides great volume to my lashes. I always loved the effect it gave. However, I can sometimes find this to be clumpy and it doesn't separate the lashes as well. So let's break down the comparisons. 


Of course, I do love the pink color on both tubes but the Too Faced tube definitely carries a bit more weight to it whereas the Loreal has a light plastic feel to it. As far as the wands go, I do like that the Too Faced one is a little bit longer but I've also always preferred longer wands on my mascaras. The brushes is when you can notice a little bit of a difference between the two products. The Too Faced hourglass shape is more defined where as the Loreal you can see a slight curve to the hourglass shape. The brush hairs are also a bit longer on Too Faced than Loreal. The Loreal looks more as it will perform by providing soft, fluffy volume to the lashes whereas the Too Faced will have more product on each bristle.

I find the Loreal formula is a lot lighter feeling on the lashes than the Too Faced one. Both formulas though provide great pigmentation and are midnight black on the lashes. 


I'm very happy to say though that the Loreal mascara performs just as well or even a little bit better than the Too Faced mascara. Both products provide the length and volume that they claim to give. The wear over time was also great with both. No smearing and no flakes throughout the day. Anyway, you can check out the results for yourself and get close and personal with my eyeballs. Each product was applied with two coats.

Left: Too Face Better Than Sex Mascara
Right: Loreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara


I will still keep using the Too Faced Mascara just to purely use it up, but I'm really happy to say that I do enjoy the Loreal mascara just as well. I might even like it just a little bit more because 1) it's a drugstore price 2) the formula doesn't feel heavy on the eyes but still provides a great effect and outcome. I still want to experiment with the Loreal one with my Covergirl supersizer to see the effect it would give. 

Well I hope some of this was informative and will help you save a bit of money. I would love to keep doing dupe reviews like this one so if you have any suggestions definitely feel free to shout them out. Stay well dears. 

July 9, 2017

Review: Sephora Pro Warm Tone Palette

Happy Sunday! This is a review I've been really excited to do because I definitely believe it's going to be a palette that's going to sell out this Fall season especially that it's limited edition. I did purchase this on my own. It was definitely something that I wasn't planning on purchasing it but after swatching it in the store, I was in awe. I've been wanting an all warm tone palette (or as I like to call it, "pumpkin spice" palette) for quite sometime now.

                                Sephora PRO Warm Eyeshadow Palette

I really want to get into the packaging for starters. It's a nice sturdy feel and the mirror is big and clear. You also get 1.2 grams of shadow for each one which I think is a great amount considering how nice and pigmented they are.

The colors. Lets talk about these colors. They are amazing. If you are a warm tone lover, you're going to enjoy this palette. I find that all of the shadows blend beautifully (minus two shades that I will mention in a bit). What really impressed me about this palette though are the mattes. They are so creamy and pigmented but still blendable. I find them very similar to the Kat Von D matte eye shadows which could be difficult to achieve sometimes. With a good primer, these shadows stay all they and don't get muddy or mix into one another. The only downside is that the shadows can kick up some powder but I think it's something that can be looked past.

First row going from top to bottom: Canvas, Oat, Biscotti, Camel, Ochre, Saddle, Auburn

 The first row is great for all of your basic matte shadows for a base and great transition crease shades. Personally I LOVE the ochre yellow shade as an all over color on the lid.

Second Row Top to Bottom: Sand, Brass, Clay, Copper, Bronze, Adobe, Sandstone

Third Row Top to Bottom: Hazelnut, Khaki, Peach, Brick, Terracotta, Burnt Umber, Chestnut

Top to Bottom: Brown Sugar, Caramel, Sepia, Coconut Shell, Cocoa, Cedar, Obsidian

The only shades that I found some patchiness with and wasn't as smooth as the others was "peach" and "brown sugar". "Peach" can definitely be worked in a eye look with fix plus or anything similar to that to enhance the pigmentation. Also, do you see that matte black. DO YOU SEE IT? I was blown away. 

Other personal shades that I love from this palette include Chestnut, which is actually a brown but has a plum undertone. Brick is another beautiful shade that I like to consider a ruby slipper red. Of course, I'm in love with the pumpkin colored shades such as Terracotta and Clay. 

It's been a while since I've been absolutely in love with a palette but I'm glad I did a "treat yo self" purchase for this. The price is up there especially for Sephora Collection but this palette doesn't disappoint. I think they did such a great job this year with this and really focused on the simplicity but focused on high quality towards the packaging and the formula of the shadows. I really hope they continue to make palettes like this or maybe even make small ones for a travel friendly version. This is going to be well loved addition to my makeup collection.