July 9, 2017

Review: Sephora Pro Warm Tone Palette

Happy Sunday! This is a review I've been really excited to do because I definitely believe it's going to be a palette that's going to sell out this Fall season especially that it's limited edition. I did purchase this on my own. It was definitely something that I wasn't planning on purchasing it but after swatching it in the store, I was in awe. I've been wanting an all warm tone palette (or as I like to call it, "pumpkin spice" palette) for quite sometime now.

                                Sephora PRO Warm Eyeshadow Palette

I really want to get into the packaging for starters. It's a nice sturdy feel and the mirror is big and clear. You also get 1.2 grams of shadow for each one which I think is a great amount considering how nice and pigmented they are.

The colors. Lets talk about these colors. They are amazing. If you are a warm tone lover, you're going to enjoy this palette. I find that all of the shadows blend beautifully (minus two shades that I will mention in a bit). What really impressed me about this palette though are the mattes. They are so creamy and pigmented but still blendable. I find them very similar to the Kat Von D matte eye shadows which could be difficult to achieve sometimes. With a good primer, these shadows stay all they and don't get muddy or mix into one another. The only downside is that the shadows can kick up some powder but I think it's something that can be looked past.

First row going from top to bottom: Canvas, Oat, Biscotti, Camel, Ochre, Saddle, Auburn

 The first row is great for all of your basic matte shadows for a base and great transition crease shades. Personally I LOVE the ochre yellow shade as an all over color on the lid.

Second Row Top to Bottom: Sand, Brass, Clay, Copper, Bronze, Adobe, Sandstone

Third Row Top to Bottom: Hazelnut, Khaki, Peach, Brick, Terracotta, Burnt Umber, Chestnut

Top to Bottom: Brown Sugar, Caramel, Sepia, Coconut Shell, Cocoa, Cedar, Obsidian

The only shades that I found some patchiness with and wasn't as smooth as the others was "peach" and "brown sugar". "Peach" can definitely be worked in a eye look with fix plus or anything similar to that to enhance the pigmentation. Also, do you see that matte black. DO YOU SEE IT? I was blown away. 

Other personal shades that I love from this palette include Chestnut, which is actually a brown but has a plum undertone. Brick is another beautiful shade that I like to consider a ruby slipper red. Of course, I'm in love with the pumpkin colored shades such as Terracotta and Clay. 

It's been a while since I've been absolutely in love with a palette but I'm glad I did a "treat yo self" purchase for this. The price is up there especially for Sephora Collection but this palette doesn't disappoint. I think they did such a great job this year with this and really focused on the simplicity but focused on high quality towards the packaging and the formula of the shadows. I really hope they continue to make palettes like this or maybe even make small ones for a travel friendly version. This is going to be well loved addition to my makeup collection.

July 5, 2017

June Favorites 2017 (the minis, the book and the tunes)

It is pouring outside, but I do enjoy a good summer rain. Maybe one of the few things I actually do enjoy about summer. June was a really great month for me as far as focusing on a positive perspective and moving forward. All about self growth and I plan on keeping that momentum going throughout the rest of this year. As far as beauty products this month, I have been testing out some new stuff but they are either samples or mini sizes (which are always super adorable). I also have a lot of random favorites as well this month so ch-ch-ch-ch-check it (sorry, spontaneous beastie boys song just stuck in my head)


I'll probably just start with my absolute favorite product from this month. In general, I just love wearing cream blushes for the spring and summer months just because it looks so natural on the cheeks. These are amazing for that purpose. Again, I apologize that these samples look like paint instead of blushes. A little bit of this stuff goes a LONG way. It transforms to a powder finish and the color stays on for the majority of the day. I personally love applying these on the back of my hand with a stippling brush. You could use your fingers, but the brush will help with create a more natural blend to the cheeks. Definitely a summer staple for the easy summer makeup routine.

Bare Minerals Statement Matte Lip Color in Juicy:
If you've read from previous posts, you know how much I LOVE these matte lip colors and that they are definitely my favorite liquid lipstick formulation. So I was really happy to see that they came out with new fun shades for the summer. I was really drawn to this color though. They describe it as a "poppy red" but some of the color pulls off some watermelon pinkish-red. It's a great bold shade for someone who wants to gradually get into wearing bold lip colors. I've been gravitating towards these colors so much this season especially the corals. I think it brings so much youthfulness and light to the face. And of course, Bare Minerals kept that wonderful pudding smell from their original shades

I don't know where I've been for the past several years with the beauty community, but I finally got to try out this incredible powder. I've been using this as my main setting powder and I've especially been loving it for baking under the eyes. It's very finely milled and adds the slightest bit of brightness but also the slightest bit of coverage even though it's a translucent powder. I find that almost perfects the skin giving it a soft focus look. This powder is magical and I don't know how or why. I could imagine that the full size will last you a while so I would say it's definitely worth the price. Also, how cute is the mini size of this??

This has been a rediscovered favorite for me. I've always love the original black color of this liner, but I prefer the brown for these months just because it's not as harsh as the black shade. Gives the eye a softer look which kinda goes hand in hand with the light makeup routine during this season.

Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream:
If you want to smell like a someone who goes on vacation frequently and has their life together then this is the good stuff, let me tell you. In general, I love body creams and this is great for providing moisture but doesn't feel heavy on the skin so it's really excellent for the summer. This claims to tighten the skin (especially the, dare I say it, your bum bum). Unfortunately I can't really verify those results BUT I have been enjoying the formulation of this and the smell is incredible. There's a bit of sweetness to it and it's a really scrumptious scent. Yes. I said the word scrumptious. I clearly always relate my beauty products back to food somehow.

Sephora Pro Crease Brush #10:
Unfortunately, they do not make this brush anymore since it was on sale but they do make other fantastic crease brushes. The hairs on these Sephora brushes are so soft. This has been my go-to crease brush whether it's cleaning up by the brow bone area or applying a transition shade. Also, I just love the long sturdy handle. This has also been great for a applying highlighter which I was surprised by. It has enough density with the brush hairs to apply the color pigmentation but still soft enough to be blend it out.

And then sometimes I just truly enjoy the feel of this brush just as a form of therapy. Is that weird? It probably is..



Milk and Honey:
This was a wonderful read for me this month. It was a quick book based off of short poems, but definitely worth every word. I actually went to Strand Bookstore, got myself a coffee and read this whole book there in 2 hours. I really connected with the character and her stages (the hurting, the loving, the breaking, the healing) that she went through from a previous events of her life to help become her best self. She focused on building her personal growth and to find the good around every corner. This book had me in tears at bit at the store. You remember certain feelings, the good and the bad, and I felt I really connected to her story. It's a book where you will be disconnected from the rest of the world and engulfed in her words and how they perfectly describe the emotions we've all had. This is perfect for anyone who needs that push. To know that true love and care comes within you and that you can still achieve that even with any heartache that may come along with it.


Andrew Bird
I've been utterly obsessed with this man. I use to play violin which is still a passion of mine and something I would love to get back into one day. His music is labeled under indie rock, folk rock and  baroque pop which is defined as rock music that combines elements of classical elements. I love the concept of that so much. They way he works to incorporate the violin in multiple ways to provide different and unique sounds captivates me. My favorites have been "Pulaski at Night" "Tables and Chairs" "Roma Fade" and "Why" (Which is a song that is so seductive. Can a violin sound even been seductive??)

Twin Peaks 
Clearly I'm incredibly late into the game, but I've really been loving this show.  I'm only up to season two but I plan to eventually inching up my way to the current season. I wish I could fully explain the show but it's a lot of weirdness (some good and some just really weird), mystery in a murder case, and lots of music with a light tapping on the cymbals for a jazzy effect. Also, every damn donut and pie looks incredibly good. The fashion in it also has a bit of a 1940s and early 80s vibe (not the neon phase of the 80s). I probably didn't explain this well enough but if you're looking for a new show with a decent amount of weirdness but to leave you wanting to watch more, this is a great pick.

Anyway, how was your June? Any other light weight beauty products that should be considered to try? Or any book recommendations? I've been quite the bookworm this summer.

June 13, 2017

Favorite Lip Balms (tinted and non tinted) part 1

Currently indulging in a pb and j sandwich at 10pm on a Tuesday. I know, wild times. I just made a whole post about my favorite matte lip products so now it's time to go to the opposite end and discuss my favorite lip balms. It's a mixture of affordable and some more on the indulgence side. A lot of these are great on there own or just paired with a lip liner. You do you boo.

Also heads up the word "moist" might be used a lot. I mean...it's lip balm guys. Sorry in advance.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Honey:
All of these are amazing and this is very much a "treat yo lips" product but this shade in particular is the perfect terracotta nude shade. There's enough warmth too it that it doesn't look to pale of a nude on the lips. Of course the comfort of these is so nourishing and the sweet lemon scent is refreshing. Truly everyone should treat themselves to at least one of these. I find it best to buy them during the holiday season when they come in minis and sometimes you can get 2 of them for $22. I did give this product some love back in my March Favorites for 2016.


Sephora Rouge Balm SPF 20:
I'm not going to talk about these too much since I just discussed them in my May Favorites but these provide more pigmentation than the fresh ones and leaves more of a stain even after the balm has faded away. A fantastic balm for color payoff and comfort.

Sephora Lip Balm:
I would assume all of these are amazing but I do have this in almond and I'm obsessed with it. Light weight but creamy and moisturizing lip balm. Of course, as you all may know if you can't tell from previous posts, scent is very important to me these these don't fail. Apparently, all of the different scents provide different benefits. It's similar to the rest of the Sephora skincare line with the scents and how they provide different benefits (maybe a future post on that?) They also have an exfoliator for the lips in a honey scent which I'm definitely curious to try out. In the mean time I'm very content using my $3 e.l.f exfoliator which gets the job done.

Lypsyl Lip Balm:
Have you heard of this lip balm? Yea, me neither up until about a year ago. This is very similar to the Sephora lip balm except I think it's a little bit thicker in moisture. It's apparently the only lip balm made with Swedish beeswax along with coconut oil, chamomile, and honey. Sounds like all the wonderful things I do want to put on my lips. This smells like Andes mint (chocolate mint) candies if anyone is familiar with those. Finally, I love the packaging for the little bumble bee on the side of the lip balm. HOW ADORABLE.

sigh, always weak for cute packaging

Rosebud Perfume Co. Strawberry Lip Balm
This is another line of lip balms where all the different ones they make are excellent and nourishing but I have the strawberry just for, well you guessed it, the scent. It's like those sweet strawberry candies that used to sometimes be at the doctors office or grandma's house. I used to use this as my overnight balm which works just as well but lately I've been using it as my pre-balm in my morning skin care routine as I do the rest of my makeup. My lips are well nourished and hydrated by the time I'm ready to put a lip color on

BITE Beauty Agave Lip Mask:
You didn't really think I was going to make a 'favorite lip balms' post and not add the holy grail of moisture and the ultimate 'treat yo self' for your lips. I've raved about this way too many times that it's obnoxious. The smell of a sweet brown sugar and the nourishment. I never felt something so great for my lips ever. This product is well worth every penny and will last you for at least a good year. Please try a sample of it and you won't be disappointed by it.

So  I hope this post today was at least somewhat informative and gives you an idea of what you would might like to try. This might be a good post to look back on during the Winter months. Hopefully by then I will have a part 2 up because I don't think this collection is ending anytime soon.

Do any of you have lip balms collections? Any of them I should try out? Help ya girl out

(also I'm trying to get better with photo lighting! just a lot of trail and error for now)