December 14, 2017

November Favorites 2017

As I type this, I'm currently recovering from my post wisdom teeth surgery. Not really the most funnest of times but hey, I get to eat a lot of mashed potatoes and I'm super okay with that.

A very delayed post but here are the products I have been gravitating towards during this month of November (also a pair of shoes that I can't stop talking about and everyone probably wants me to stop talking about- well too bad) There's also some awesome skin care products as well and I'm thinking of doing another skincare update post in the near future.

I've had this highlighter for a while now and I just started realizing how lovely this highlighter is. I think the reason I didn't why I didn't  gravitate to it so much was because Becca highlighters never stay on me which was always upsetting because the finish on their highlighters are beautiful. They give a natural glow and nothing super dramatic or shimmering. You can definitely build this up to be bold glow on the cheeks but I personally love the subtle glow. I find that when I use the Becca Backlight Priming Filter before the highlighter, that it helps tremendously with the longevity. I've also been enjoying this as a light glowy eyeshadow because why not multitask a product?

I would suggest  if you're interested in trying this combination, to get the Glow on the Go Highlighter Set for $20 to get the powder and liquid highlight. It still works the same way they just unfortunately don't have the Moonstone shade but I've heard wonderful and beautiful things about the Champagne Pop shade (which I don't fully understand how I haven't tried that shade yet). 

This has been one of those items this month that you don't realize that you use it everyday until you start thinking what products you were using a lot of. I've been using this as my day time toner right before makeup application. Even after cleansing my face in the morning (and this is after fully taking my makeup off and cleansing the night before) I put some of this on a pad and it removes even more debris that I didn't even know was on my face. It does this without stripping the skin and my face looks more radiant and it feels great to have a face that's fully cleaned off and well hydrated. I'm going to be quite sad once this little bottle goes.

If you need hydration or brightness to your skin, you need this essence. This has been so incredible for my skin especially having the post cystic acne scarring. I'll use this before my moisturizer to add extra hydration (especially during these cold months) and over time I found that this had helped brighten my face. It helped reduce the redness from my scarring and I truly think it's the reason why I've been getting great compliments on my skin lately. I didn't think I would love something so simple as an essence, but it has helped me tremendously and it's very close to being a holy grail skincare product.

Update: I have went a couple of days without using this and I've notice that my face seems a little dull so I truly think this does show incredible results.

I'm beyond happy that I finally bought this and it upsets me to even talk about it because it may not be available anymore. HOWEVER, search through your sephora store and you might be able to find these because these are fantastic. They do have another option as well with six minis for $45 (which is still a great deal considering how much a full size is) On a bright note, they have all of these shades available full size but for the deal and for the amount of times I will actually use these, I find the mini sizes perfect for me. I love that with these that you have the option to do a full opaque glitter eye, glitter eyeliner, or a subtle and iridescent wash of glitter. I would avoid over layering these as they do tend to crease if there's too much product. Other than that, these glitters are very comfortable and there's a little bit of fall out with these, but nothing to drastic. These little glitters just make me so happy for the holiday season and I'm really glad I picked them up.

Top: Smoky Storm
Middle: Kitten Karma
Bottom: Diamond Dust 

This has become a classic product in my makeup drawer and an all time favorite. There's just something about this time of year that I love more about this blush from Tarte. In fact all of their blushes are beyond stunning. I know the inside looks super crummy (It had an accident earlier in the month *sobs*) but this is a very much loved product. I've had this about 2 years now and the pigmentation and longevity of this blush is still going strong. Something about this shade though provides a a natural warmth and color that I think would work so well on so many skin types. I just have no bad things to say about this blush at all. It's 100% worth the $28 and I may repurchase this for the rest of my life (too dramatic? probably).

We're back to a classic rediscovered favorite and it was actually one of the first palettes I did a review on (oh the memories). It's very easy to be distracted with new palettes coming out especially during the holiday season, but I forgot how great this one was. It's suppose to be the dupe for Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette. Although this palette has similar lighter shades from the Naked 3 palette, I love that the Revealed 2 palette has more variety of the deep mauve and plum shades that pair beautifully with the lighter ones. There some shades in here that pull in similar shades from the Modern Renaissance palette as well.

I like the thin packaging and magnetic closure however, it's not the most durable palette. At the same time, you are paying for what you're getting and $20 (a lot of times this will go on sale for $10) for 20 shades is not bad at all. Pigmentation on this palette is great I think for beginners and for anyone really. Although some of the shimmer shades can be a bit chalky, the majority of the shades are very buildable and blendable. Overall, great palette that has been forgotten about and I'm glad I re-introduced it back in my makeup life.

Rockport Cobb Hill Aria:
Someone really needs to stop me from talking about this boots but I need to share them because they are worth the price if you're looking for comfortable and cute durable boots this season. I wear these to work everyday and I can stand in these for a whole entire day without pain. These pair so well with so many outfits whether you're wearing it during the day or wearing them out for the night. Right now, the brand is doing an extra 30% off so definitely take that opportunity to invest in a good pair of solid boots this winter. 

So that's it for my November Favorites. It's been an exhausting month but we're heading into the homestretch of 2017. I have so so many posts for all of you and so much more holiday shopping to do. There's also an overall 2017 beauty products favorite post coming up too so stay tune for that ♥

November 12, 2017

October Favorites 2017

Well hello hello. I know my October Favorites are extremely late, but hey I got some great products that might make it worth it. October was a bit of a hectic month. I had my beautiful best friend's wedding so a lot of my time was bouncing around between the wedding and work. Nevertheless, I have some favorite beauty products (and tools) from this past month including rediscovering my love for the drugstore products yay!

Dose of Colors Baked Browns Palette:
I guess you can count this as a rediscovered favorite but I purchased this palette back in April at IMATS. I knew though that I would have enjoyed this palette a lot more in the Autumn season. I mean the colors alone are beautiful. It reminds me of a portable version of the Sephora Pro Warm Palette (which I LOVE and I do have a review of it here).

I did get this palette discount when I went to IMATS for around $25 but honestly, the quality of the matte shadows in here is worth the retail price of $32. The mattes are just as creamy and comparable to Kat Von D's matte shadows (which I truly believe she does create some of the best matte eye shadows). These shadows blend beautifully without getting muddy and the colors (used with a good primer of course) last all day. I love that the colors can be a simple everyday neutral eye, to a really define, warm evening eye.

I almost didn't picked this up at IMATS until after I swatched the shades. I'm really glad I did decide to purchase it

Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Lipstick in Shakedown
Oh guys....this is up there for favorite liquid lipstick formulas (here is my list of the ones that made the cut in my book). I saw that emilynoel83 had this color on his lips in one of her snapchat stories and been hearing the rave all over social media about formula on these including the pro-matte glosses.

There's so many things I love about this product that I'm not entirely sure where to begin.  For starters, I LOVE the shade. It's the brown lip color that I feel like I've been looking for all season but it has that hint of mauve undertones. It gives me major 90's vibes. I also love the doe foot applicator and how precise it is to get  a crisp line and by corners of the mouth. The formula is so interesting. It has a bit of thickness but when it dries down (which does take a while) it's a comfortable matte on the lips. I noticed when I press my lips together, it will slightly stick but it's not too much of an annoyance since I rather not have my lips be deprived of moisture. It's the longevity of this that blows my mind. Even with eating and drinking, there's some fading and a bit of transfer, but the majority of the color is still there and it doesn't come out of the lip line. It's amazing and makes me feel so much better to bring this out with me knowing I don't have to worry about how bad the reapplication process will be. Beyond impressed with this formula and so incredibly happy it's from the drugstore. Even better, try getting this when a $3.50 off $15 coupon for ulta that comes around (which is what I did plus I had points saved up to take more money off).

So good. Ok I'll stop talking about this now (for now)

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer:
Quite a mouthful to say but what a beautiful product. I've forgot how much I love this concealer and the brightener as well. I also just remembered that I did have this in a favorites a while back but I feel like I didn't give it enough love back then. So let's give it some love now.

These concealers are lightweight while still providing a natural full coverage. I love how the concealers brighten up the under eye area. Finally, one of my favorite things about this is because it's so light weight, it doesn't emphasize on fine lines and looks flawless from beginning to the end of the day.

Maybelline concealer, you have been much loved (if you can tell from the little amount of products I have left in them).

Beauty Blender Micro Mini:
Ok so this isn't a necessity, but I can't believe how much I've been liking this small beauty blender . It's a lot softer and more lightweight than the original beauty blender which makes this perfect for the delicate under eye area. Surprisingly, I've also come to love this with cream highlighters as well.

As I mentioned, I don't think this is a necessity, but if you happen to get one, I would definitely give it a shot first before turning it down (like I almost did). Besides, look how cute it is? 

MBA Cosmetics Chromalights in Champagne Toast:
Now that we're getting into the holiday season, I plan on making glitter a part of my daily routine. If you've seen my face at all for the month  of October, then you know I have been drenching myself in this glitter especially ever since I got my hair dyed to auburn again. I also purchased this at IMATS back in April and I've been using this glitter along with the Dose of Colors Baked Browns palette. The great thing about this product is that the adhesion is already embedded in the glitter so all you have to do is press it onto your eyes. There's some small fallout with the first time applying this but throughout the day, the glitter stays put. It as a really creamy feel which I love because some glitters can be too harsh for the eye. For $10, you get a lot of product and a little goes a long way. I've got so many compliments on this color and I really can't wait to go back to IMATS to try out more of their colors.

Finally, I've incorporated this glitter into my Halloween look for work which was an autumn edition of Mother Nature and possibly one of my favorite looks that I ever done. I applied the glitter to my liquid lipstick leaves on my face to give them some dimension.

Every Drop Beauty Spatula:
Ok bare with me but my last two favorites are tools. However, they are amazing tools. This was also another purchase back at IMATS and honestly I will probably pick up two more this coming year. If you care about using your products to the fullest and getting your money's worth, then you need to get this item. I've always contemplated on getting one for years and I'm so glad I finally decided to get one. I've used this for so many things including skincare items (which as we all know can be pricey) and was very shocked at how much product was leftover. I would be able to get another week or two out of the bottle. The spatula at the end of it is silicone so it washes off easily. I'm obsessed and I've saw recently that they also make a spatula for lip products which is something I'm definitely going to look into.

Makeup Paw Palette:
So this isn't the exact one I got off of amazon however I actually got mine at Primark for about $3 and I can't get over how much I've been loving this set. The spatula is perfect on one end for getting product and the other side for mixing. The metal plate makes it easy to remove the content with makeup remover afterwards. I've been using this a lot to mix liquid lipstick colors and I've also been using this with my inglot duraline and my eyeshadows to create an eyeliner. This has been just a really handy tool to have and I think it's going to be a great addition to my makeup routine.

So yes that's a wrap up of my October Favorites. We're getting into the homestretch of 2017 including an ultimate favorites list for the year. I can't wait to get into the chaos of the holiday season. It exhausts me sometimes but I also secretly love it.

November 9, 2017

Review: Maple Holistics Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

Very excited to be bringing you a quick review from a brand that I think I'm growing to love. For all disclosure purposes, this product was sent to me for review however all of my opinions based on this product are honest and my own.

Alrighty so the review! 

A little bit of background on the company. They are a natural based brand that is cruelty and sulfate free so you're not adding any harsh chemicals to your body, hair or skin (or to the cute furry animals yay!). So I was super excited to try this shampoo knowing that it will be adding benefits without chemicals and was safe on color treated hair. 

This shampoo claims that it will promote hair growth and improve on scalp health. I've been using this product for a couple of weeks now and I can definitely say that I have found improvements with my hair on both of those claims. I can't fully tell if my hair has got longer but I've definitely got comments from friends that it has. However, the biggest difference I've noticed is how clean my scalp feels every time I use this shampoo. I feel like the scalp tends to get neglected sometimes but it's makes an incredible difference and feel to the hair when cleaned properly. 

I think the only downside to this is the medicinal tea tree oil smell which I was expecting with this product. However, I did enjoy using it tonight since I'm recovering from a cold and it helped clear my congested nose. But the smell will definitely being something that you will either hate or love. 

If you lovelies are interested in trying these products yourself, they do have a sampler program so you can try out the products first before committing to a full size. They also have a subscription box for $40/month if you enjoy using their products a lot but with added bonus products inside. It seems that they have excellent customer service care and have a great money- back guarantee policy.

Overall I'm really grateful that I got to try this product and I'm really looking forward to exploring other products that they have especially the skincare line!

Until next time, stay beautiful ♥