June 13, 2017

Favorite Lip Balms (tinted and non tinted) part 1

Currently indulging in a pb and j sandwich at 10pm on a Tuesday. I know, wild times. I just made a whole post about my favorite matte lip products so now it's time to go to the opposite end and discuss my favorite lip balms. It's a mixture of affordable and some more on the indulgence side. A lot of these are great on there own or just paired with a lip liner. You do you boo.

Also heads up the word "moist" might be used a lot. I mean...it's lip balm guys. Sorry in advance.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Honey:
All of these are amazing and this is very much a "treat yo lips" product but this shade in particular is the perfect terracotta nude shade. There's enough warmth too it that it doesn't look to pale of a nude on the lips. Of course the comfort of these is so nourishing and the sweet lemon scent is refreshing. Truly everyone should treat themselves to at least one of these. I find it best to buy them during the holiday season when they come in minis and sometimes you can get 2 of them for $22. I did give this product some love back in my March Favorites for 2016.


Sephora Rouge Balm SPF 20:
I'm not going to talk about these too much since I just discussed them in my May Favorites but these provide more pigmentation than the fresh ones and leaves more of a stain even after the balm has faded away. A fantastic balm for color payoff and comfort.

Sephora Lip Balm:
I would assume all of these are amazing but I do have this in almond and I'm obsessed with it. Light weight but creamy and moisturizing lip balm. Of course, as you all may know if you can't tell from previous posts, scent is very important to me these these don't fail. Apparently, all of the different scents provide different benefits. It's similar to the rest of the Sephora skincare line with the scents and how they provide different benefits (maybe a future post on that?) They also have an exfoliator for the lips in a honey scent which I'm definitely curious to try out. In the mean time I'm very content using my $3 e.l.f exfoliator which gets the job done.

Lypsyl Lip Balm:
Have you heard of this lip balm? Yea, me neither up until about a year ago. This is very similar to the Sephora lip balm except I think it's a little bit thicker in moisture. It's apparently the only lip balm made with Swedish beeswax along with coconut oil, chamomile, and honey. Sounds like all the wonderful things I do want to put on my lips. This smells like Andes mint (chocolate mint) candies if anyone is familiar with those. Finally, I love the packaging for the little bumble bee on the side of the lip balm. HOW ADORABLE.

sigh, always weak for cute packaging

Rosebud Perfume Co. Strawberry Lip Balm
This is another line of lip balms where all the different ones they make are excellent and nourishing but I have the strawberry just for, well you guessed it, the scent. It's like those sweet strawberry candies that used to sometimes be at the doctors office or grandma's house. I used to use this as my overnight balm which works just as well but lately I've been using it as my pre-balm in my morning skin care routine as I do the rest of my makeup. My lips are well nourished and hydrated by the time I'm ready to put a lip color on

BITE Beauty Agave Lip Mask:
You didn't really think I was going to make a 'favorite lip balms' post and not add the holy grail of moisture and the ultimate 'treat yo self' for your lips. I've raved about this way too many times that it's obnoxious. The smell of a sweet brown sugar and the nourishment. I never felt something so great for my lips ever. This product is well worth every penny and will last you for at least a good year. Please try a sample of it and you won't be disappointed by it.

So  I hope this post today was at least somewhat informative and gives you an idea of what you would might like to try. This might be a good post to look back on during the Winter months. Hopefully by then I will have a part 2 up because I don't think this collection is ending anytime soon.

Do any of you have lip balms collections? Any of them I should try out? Help ya girl out

(also I'm trying to get better with photo lighting! just a lot of trail and error for now)

June 1, 2017

May Favorites 2017

Hope you all had lovely May! Not much as happened for me this month. Just still keeping a positive vibe for things to come. Here's my round up of my favorites for this month.


This has been my go to especially with the warmer weather slowly coming up. I tend to get a little bit lazy with my makeup routine when it gets hotter out, which makes sense considering you don't want to wear as much. For a bb cream, it actually provides great medium coverage and balances out skin tone without it being too heavy. It also an spf of 20 which is always ideal. It's a really great product to try if you want to coverage but not the heaviness for the summer months. If you just need a lighter application, I would suggest using a beauty blender or real techniques sponge. 

I wouldn't consider this as a full on makeup setting spray, but more of a spa like refresher for the face. This provides a cooling rose scent which is great to use as a toner or even after makeup. Gives the tiniest glow to the skin and helps keep the face hydrated throughout the day. Again, I don't find this as a necessity, but it is a little refreshing "treat yourself" spray and if you have dry skin you're going to love it. It does have a rose scent so if that's not up your ally, I would steer away from this or maybe even trying their cucumber scent  instead. I could imagine these also being really handy when going to the beach too!

Not going to lie, this is probably my favorite thing I've been enjoying this month. These are wonderful. I originally got the peachy/ coral shade (03 Enchanting Blush) from Sephora gratis and I felt those type of colors were too bright for me. But this spring and summer, I kinda have been leaving my comfort zone and I've been gravitating towards them this season. Lately I've been wearing Enchanting Blush with the Too Faced peach oil in Pure Peach and pair the lips with a plum/ berry blus (right now it's been the balm in pinstripe which I LOVE) I'm not sure what has intrigued me to do this combination but I love the flushed cheeks paired with a peachy lip. The other shade I got was a basic everyday shade 07 Bashful Beige.

To quickly sum it up, these are very comfortable on the lips, smell like a sweet candy and stains the lips and gracefully fades away throughout the day. These remind me a lot of the revlon lip butters which I love for the comfort but not as shiny.  These are a definite product this summer if you're looking for the comfort and color but nothing to fuss about throughout the day. I might do a full on post of some of my favorite lip balms and tinted lip balms in the future with this in mind.

the balm Instain Blush in Pinstripe
Once again, I'm having IMATS regrets and I wish I picked up more of these. These blushes are incredible. They are pigmented, blend beautifully and last all day. I love this shade Pinstripe though. I think it's a color that will look great on all skin tones despite it being a deep plum shade. For me, it looks like a "walked in from the cold" shade which I love. I'll definitely be getting more use out of this shade when the winter months come but for now I really have been loving this paired with a coral lip. I might invest in more of these when they come back on Hautelook for 50% off. Well worth it.

It's not the most pigmented white, but I still enjoy using it and I want to try the other colors in this collection including the mint green and burnt orange. I've been enjoying this white liner so much! Definitely amps up a classic black wing and gives it a little extra to the look. I'm learning other ways in how to experiment with the white liner including polka dots since I'm just big on those for the summer months. Seriously, it's obnoxious the amount of polka dot related things I own sometimes.

I sadly do not own the full size of this. I just  have a sample from Sephora but oh my, this is wonderful. I'm trying more to explore into the world of fragrance even though I would be absolutely terrible at describing it, but there's something about this scent that makes you feel classy and has a vintage scent to it. Some people may complain that it smells too old-fashion but I personally love how feminine and classy this smells for the evening.



Beautiful: The Carol King Musical 
It's been so long since I've seen a Broadway show and let alone, a great Broadway show. This show goes behind the story of Carol King and her success as a songwriter. I think the big take away here on why I enjoyed it show much, is because her story shows that you can overcome heartache and be successful. That you can get through any struggles that have happen despite missing what use to be. As long as you maintain the confidence in yourself, you can go far. As cliche and cheesy as that sounds, it helped me a lot to put things in perspective for me. I loved Carol King before but I've come to appreciate her, her music the songs she helped composed even more.

So here's to June hoping that all of you have a great month! Keep growing and blossoming!♥

p.s: Bare with me for some of these pictures. Still trying to get the lighting to be a bit better!

May 18, 2017

Favorite Matte Lip Products (part 1)

I'm counting this as part one because let's be honest, you know my collection is going to grow a lot more. These are my top favorite matte lip color formulas from liquid lipsticks and lip crayons. So grab a coffee or and a snack. this is going to be a pretty lengthy post about me raving about these lip products.

Bare Minerals Matte Liquid Lip Color
If I had to pick a favorite liquid lipstick, it would definitely be these. There is no fuss with these and are perfect for everyday. The only one bad thing to say about these is that they do transfer a little but on a plus side, they transfer gracefully and don't leave a lip liner mouth. However, these are incredibly comfortable and light weight but no dryness. Their whole range of colors are also in the nude family and there's a shade to work with every skin tone. I honestly can't stop wearing them and everyone should try at least one. The names aren't my favorite, but I have it in the shades "swank", "xyz' "bo$$" and "swag". Also, these smell like chocolate pudding and it's intoxicating. These will always be a favorite in my collection.

From left to right: Swag, Bo$$, xyz, Swank

Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Mocha
You guys, this is the dupe to Lolita from Kat Von D. I feel like at this point there's a lot of dupes out there but this is extremely similar and a lot more comfortable. The formulation is a little bit thicker on the lips. It dries down matte, doesn't transfer, and the best part is that it doesn't dry out my lips like Lolita does. Unfortunately I only own one color but now I'm hooked on the formula and I'm curious to try out more. On a major plus side, Ulta now carries Ofra so lots of yays! Also there's a more in depth review of this from my May Favorites 2016 if you want to keep reading more about it.

Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick:
I adore these. Definitely similar to the Ofra formulation expect a lot lighter on the lips, no transfer, and fades gracefully just like the Bare Minerals one. I find that the more neutral shades apply much better then the darker shades. As much as I love the red shades, I do find that these apply patchy and unevenly so that would be my only down side to these. I have these in the shades, "committed" "trustworthy" "charming" (all nude-ish shades), "loyal" and "adoring".  Finally, these smell spot on like Girl Scott Thin Mint cookies. Clearly smell is very important to me.

From left to right: Committed, Charming, Trustworthy, Loyal, Adoring

Sephora Lip Cream Stain:
I first fell in love with these when there wasn't too many matte liquid lipsticks out on the market yet, but it was pretty affordable compared to Kat Von D and a lot more comfortable. I had the shade 01 Always Red and it is essentially the perfect, classic matte red. It gives you perfect, velvet soft red lips and it's almost kind of mesmerizing. These are comfortable and transfer proof but I do find drying and flakiness maybe around 7 hours in. I think I find this more with the darker shades as well. I have two of the nude shades in 23 Copper Blush and 41 Vintage Rosewood. They also have bright fun colors in the line to experiment with (personally I'm eyeing down the lavender shades).

From left to right : 23 Copper Blush, 41 Vintage Rosewood,  01 Always Red

Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick
I got this in a Sephora Play Box a while back and it has been my favorite items I got from these subscription boxes. I have it in the shade "Driver's Seat" and I love how it's a coral but very subtle and wearable. Besides the colors, it's the formula that I'm blown away about. I had a pasta dish with oil in it one day for lunch and even though it was starting to get a bit drying on lips, it didn't flake off the and color was still on there after eating. I'm hooked on these and I'm really curious to try out more including the metallic line.

Of course most of these lip crayons are not transfer proof, but they all provide excellent comfort and fade away gracefully.

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil:
A little pricey but this is by far one of the most comfortable lip pencils I own. I did receive this as a Sephora birthday gift I believe 2 years ago? I have it in the shade "Cruella" The formula is creamy, matte and has no tugging. This also pairs beautifully as a base before adding the Sephora lip cream stain "01 Always Red" on top. They also make certain shades in this deluxe size as a duo if you're curious but don't want to commit to the whole $27 for one lip pencil. I've also featured this in my Favorite Red Lipsticks if you want to check that cool stuff out.

Inglot Lip Pencil:
I feel like this brand definitely could use more recognition but I haven't heard these about these much throughout the beauty community. These are a bit easier on the budget and are retractable. I have them in the shades 32 and 22.
Right to left: 22, 32

NUDESTIX Lip and Cheek Pencil in Belle:
This was another perk I got from the Sephora Play Box and this is very similar to how creamy the NARS lip pencils are except I like these just a bit more because you can also use these for your cheeks. This blends and applies beautifully on the cheeks and lips, Very easy to work with for everyday, plus I love products that can be used as mutlitaskers. Swatches of this can be seen in my January/ February Favorites post since it's currently hiding in my room somewhere *sad eyes*. 

e.l.f Matte Lip Color
Finally, for something a little bit easier on the wallet but still looking for an easy matte lip, these $3 ones from e.l.f are fantastic. I would suggest using a liner for the darker shades since they aren't the best at cleanly lining the lips. These do have a built in sharpener in the bottom which can help it to a fine tip. These are a little bit more thicker and aren't as creamy as the nars and nudestix, but for $3 it's still providing comfort and that matte look. My favorite, probably top favorite in lip colors of all time is Praline. I can't get enough of that shade especially for the Autumn months.

From right to left: Tea Rose,  Praline, Scarlet Night


Jouer Long- Wear Lip Creame in Paypaye:
I know this product is leading more towards "matte but metallic" products, but I have to mention this because it was a product that I didn't think I was going to be obsessed with. I picked this up at IMATS 2 years ago and it has been one of my most used products. I love to pop this in the middle of my lips on any matte lip and almost ombre it out. It gives it a "fuller lip" effect and I'm blown away at how much I love using this to give an extra bright shimmer.

It also smells spot on vanilla frosting *eyeballs roll to the back of the head*

So you think that was  big enough list? As I mentioned in the beginning of the post I'm sure there will be a part two coming up in the near future but for now I figure I throw out those few favorites. What matte lip colors do you really enjoy using or provide the best comfort? Any suggestions?

May 7, 2017

April Favorites

April hasn't been the easiest of months, but despite life's stresses, I've been trying my best to be thankful for the things I currently have and to take that with me throughout a personal growth for the month of May. However I do have some great products that have been fantastic throughout this month and definitely have become part of my routine.


I FINALLY got this product for a discounted price at IMATS this year (I believe for $15?). If you can get your hands on it and use the ulta coupon on top of it, (and ebates for that cash back!) it's well worth it. The concealer blends beautifully underneath the eyes but doesn't look cakey or like makeup. The gigantic wand is a bit much for a product that requires little application since a little goes a long way. The best way I use this is about three dots under the eye, let it sit for about 15-20 seconds, and then blend it out. I find that letting it sit for a bit helps it set and provides better coverage. Overall, excellent concealer and I'm excited for this stuff to last me a while.

For the past couple of months, I've been dealing with some harsh cystic acne around the chin and mouth area. It has been difficult at times as it has brought my self confidence down but I'm trying my best to regain from that. Lately, using retinol at night has been reacting well with my skin (I will give a future post if all things work out!). However, whenever using retinol, you always want to go in with an spf to prevent further harmful damage to the skin especially when using strong skincare products. Since I'm incredibly lazy, this setting spray has been my go to especially with spring and summer coming around the corner. It's not my favorite nozzle as far as "fine mist setting sprays" but I love it because it has spf 50 which makes it great especially for full outdoor days. I currently have the travel size which is great to reapply throughout the day, but it also sets your makeup and refreshes. So essentially you're getting a 3 in 1. The smell of rosemary isn't my favorite but it will do. I'm definitely intrigue in finding other sprays that have spf in it since I find it the easiest way to incorporate it into my routine. But no matter where you are at in your skincare regime, use spf!

Not that I should be encouraging anybody out there to go out and buy a $14 deodorant (come on let's be real, some of the drugstore clinical deodorants are $11-$12) but this deodorant has always been a favorite of mine. Spring and Summer are horrible months for my pits (yup just sharing that to the internet world). I'm sure I'm not the only one, but this it such a great product because it almost has a cooling effect which provides relief but helps tremendously with odor. An added bonus is that it's all natural. So if you want to splurged for your pits, this isn't a bad choice. They have a bunch of different scents that I haven't tried yet, but I have my eyes peeled on the lemon vanilla scent.

Once again, I don't want to get too much into my skin routine for the month of April since I was using a lot of different products in hopes of getting rid of my cystic acne. However, I have been fully removing my makeup every night and I always go in with a double cleanse (or would you say double remove? not sure). THIS EYE MAKEUP REMOVER THOUGH. This is one of the best ones I've tried and it saddens me that its so expensive. It's non-greasy and removes eye makeup in seconds. I hold it down with a cotton pad for 5 seconds and wipe away. Even on days when I go very full out on makeup, it gets rid of it so easily and it's so nice to not fuss with removing eye makeup for once. I'm going to say it, but it makes me look forward to removing my makeup at night. If you can get your hands on a sample of this, I would highly recommend it.

Next in the routine I've been going in with this balm. Essentially, it's similar to coconut oil and you could use that instead to remove your makeup, but I find that coconut oil hasn't been helping with my breakouts and that the residue from the coconut oil doesn't fully go away (which I understand because it's providing moisture back to the face but I'm just not a big fan of it). A little goes a long way with this product. I just warm it up between my hands and rub all over my face (dry! cleansing balms and oils don't work on wet skin since oil and water don't mix), eyes, and remove in circular motions with warm water. Just recently I started using a warm washcloth and cover my face afterwards. A surprisingly quick and easy way to really help you unwind at the end of the day. Getting ahead of myself, but this does the majority of the "removing makeup" process and of course my favorite part is that there is no strange residue afterwards. Finally, can we appreciate the baby size version that was a Sephora 100 point perk? I still save this as my traveling size one but also because it's so stinkin' cute. 

I bought this during my trip to IMATS this year and they had a fantastic deal (I believe 2 for $20 plus you got a free mini travel size). Micellar water is of course very big right now and a lot of companies started making their own but I decided to give the original brand a try. Of course, this is great for nights when you can't fuss with the whole "removing makeup routine" and requires no water to rinse off. However, this has been the last step in my skincare regime before going in with a cleanser just to ensure all makeup is remove. I find that this is the best way for the cleanser to work properly and to actually see results (which makes sense because you wouldn't want leftover makeup and dirt to effect these results). I adore this stuff. It's so gentle and great for sensitive skin but I think what I love, is how plump the face feels afterwards. It doesn't feel like it's stripping the skin. I also really love that it's fragrance free and once again, a little goes a long way. I'm still curious to try other micellar waters especially those from the drugstore, but for now this has been a great product and I'm really glad I picked up 2 big bottles.


You Are A Badass by Jen Sinero
Not finished with the book yet but I can already tell you it's a big favorite of mine. Yes it's a self- help book but no judgement there because to be quiet honest, this book can accommodate to many people. If you're feeling down about the current situation of your life or think that things are "always bad" for you, this book will change your perspective on things. I'm not saying that you're going to be super happy everyday, but it will make you re-evaluate what you should be contributing your energy and time to. To be grateful for what you have and to make the time to always love yourself. I know it sounds pretty straight forward, but there's a good amount of tough love and a little bit of sarcasm that makes me enjoy this book. It reminds me to make the time for myself and the things I enjoy but to also not to take life too seriously. It's definitely helping me to embrace the self-love a lot more and knowing that the only thing that's controlling my happiness is me.



Great British Baking Show
This month I've been watching a lot of "pure" and non drama related shows. It's British people with accents baking stunning desserts and everyone is actually really nice to each other. Honestly what more could you want? I've also started watching the Masterclass version of the show, where Paul and Mary (the two main judges) show you how to properly make their favorite desserts seen in the show so naturally I want to start making these so I can consume them all for myself. You'll also come to understand why Mary Berry is the cutest human being ever (her last name is berry! what's not to love?)

Bob Ross The Joy of Painting
I remember fully enjoying this show even a kid and as an adult, I love it. I've been watching this whenever I fall asleep and I forgot how relaxing this show can be, Just from the sound of his voice and to the sound of the brush strokes and mixing of the paints. It reminds you to just enjoy the simple things and to not take any of the flaws too seriously.

So yes, April for the most part has been a bit stressful, but I'm still in the progress of growing and bettering myself. Surrounding myself with people who are willing to support that and I feel pretty good seeing where things are heading♥

March 20, 2017

Brand Focus: Tree Hut

Well it's the first day of Spring and I'm still cold. But if you're still bundled up in a blanket binge watching Great British Baking Show (I may or may not have been doing this) then you could probably use some great body care products during your hibernation.

I discovered Tree Hut after watching Emily Noel's video on their body butter and shaving gel. So naturally I did purchase both of those products. This brand is sold at Ulta and is affordable ranging from $5 to $15 and I always wait for the $3.50 off coupon.

Let's just say as far as body care goes, this is becoming one of my favorite brands. The body butters feel comfortable and not sticky while still providing hydration especially during the winter months. But even better are the scents to these body butters. The first one I tried was the "Moroccan Rose" which doesn't smell overly like rose but rather a sweet dessert. It's such a interesting but comforting smell however different from a overly sweet vanilla scent. The second one I have and currently using, is the "Almond and Honey" scent. This smells like delectable almond cookies. Ugh, so good. So if you like smelling like a dessert (which who doesn't?) but you don't want it to be overly sweet, this might be some great butters to try out.

I was kinda skeptical on the Bare Moisturizing Shave Oil to be honest because I was very content just using the drugstore gels that I know get the job done. This is a beautiful product. It's excellent for a close shave without cutting yourself or having any irritation afterwards so really beneficial to those with sensitive skin. The only warning that I would say about this product is that because it's an oil to be careful washing it off so you don't slip in the tub. Other than that, I'm willing to pay the extra money for this since it provides such a close shave while bringing back moisture to the skin.

This is definitely a brand I want to continue to keep my eyes peeled on and I want to try other products from them such as their hand creams and body scrubs.

Have you tried any other products from Tree Hut? Or are there other body products I should consider trying during these last couple of days of cold weather? (fingers crossed)

March 4, 2017

January/ February Favorites 2017

Well this is long over due, but I decided to combine both of the months for my favorites. Also was it just me, or did these months seemed incredibly long and exhausting?


the balm blush in Cabana Boy
the balm is starting to become one of my new favorite makeup brands, which I may do a brand focus post on in the future. This is a great palette that I believe was limited  edition but the products in the palette are part of their permanent line.This blush gives a flush of "walked in from cold" look. I also just love berry colors this time of the year. They also suggest that this blush can be use as an eyeshadow as well so yay for multi purpose products!

BITE Beauty Agave Lip Treatment 
Unfortunately, I don't own the full sized product of this wonderful stuff but guys, seriously get your hands on this even if it's just a sample from Sephora. This is worth the hype and I would say worth the price since you only need a little bit. When I put this on at night and wake up the next morning, the product is still on my lips and it feels so hydrating. I know there are other options that can definitely get the job done as far a night lip balms go, but once you try this, it's difficult to go back to those other options. I've tried going back to my Vaseline Creme Brulee lip therapy and even though it works, I'm obsessed with the bite lip treatment and I crave it a lot more. Plus, the brown sugar smell is delicious.

The Creme Shop Clarifying Peppermint Cocoa Sheet Mask 
I bought this pack of 5 masks for $6 at T. J Maxx just out of curiosity and even though I'm not familiar with the brand. I've really come to enjoy these. It smells spot on chocolate peppermint but what I love about this is the cooling effect of the peppermint oil infused into the mask. Not only do I find this relaxing, but peppermint oil helps with acne- prone skin and I did notice a brighter difference in my skin after using the mask. I really did enjoy these a lot I'm definitely going to be on a search from more masks from this brand. The only downside is that I believe this mask was limited edition but maybe they'll bring it back for the holiday season?

Nude Stix Intense Matte Lip and Cheek Pencil in Belle
Slowly starting to fall in love with this brand as well. I got this deluxe sample from the Sephora Play subscription box I believe around October? I have to say that this is definitely one of my favorite lip crayons. It's matte but very comfortable on the lips and I find it fades gracefully through out the day. I love wearing this in the winter to achieve the matte lips without having the dryness that you get from liquid lipsticks. An added bonus is that this color can be used on the cheeks and it blends beautifully. I love products like this that provide multiple purposes and I definitely want to try more colors from their line.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation in fair-light neutral 
I re-fell in love with this foundation. I've been using this on my days when I don't want to worry about my makeup too much but still be "put together". This is a foundation that look better throughout the day as crazy as that sounds. I find that you can build this up to full coverage and occasionally I will spot conceal with it too. Definitely worth the purchase if you're looking for an easy product to use but still want a flawless and effortless look.


The Wild Reeds
 For starters, I'm in all support for girl bands and this band combines, folk, rock and a tad bit of country into the mix. I myself am not a huge fan of country music but there's just enough of it in their music to give a comforting feel to it. However, the main reason to why I've been obsessed with them is their lyrics and all three of the singers harmonize perfectly.The lyrics have helped me a lot through personal times and again, you'll be swooned by their harmonies. Some of my favorites from them have been "Everything Looks Better (In Hindsight)" "Where I'm Going" and "What I Had in Mind"

Punch Brothers
A band that composes stripped down songs perfectly with the rustic vibes from bluegrass but also the poise from classical music. "Julep" is definitely one of my favorites. Also listen to "Familiarity" to really be submerged in a piece that builds throughout the song. Or better yet listen to the whole album "The Phosphorescent Blues" it's incredible and I truly think you'll be able to escape reality for a while. Also, you'll fall in love with Chris Thile's swaying dance moves when he plays his mandolin.

The Walkmen 
Particularly the song "Heaven" has been hitting me right in the feels for the past two months. If you like indie rock, give them a shot. It just has good vibes to it. Other songs I've been liking have been "The Rat" "In the New Year" and "Song for Leigh".

Click on the image down below for my little spotify playlist I put together for you all


My lovely friend Chrissy gave me this scarf from the LOFT for Christmas and I've been wearing almost everyday. It's comforting and warm and super fluffy and big. These are obviously the qualities that I look for in my scarves. Just to be in absolute hibernation especially on early morning commutes.


Netflix's LOVE
If you're single or just got out of a relationship or struggling with the concept of love and whatever it is, then watch this show. I've come to enjoy the characters so much and their traits. The plots hit close to the heart and goes through the struggles that men and women go through in dating each other. It doesn't seem like a show that feels like it's acted out but instead it feels very relate-able. It has some great humor in it as well as excellent music choices. Binge watched the first season before the second season comes out March 10th.



A Dog's Purpose
I can't tell you how many times I wanted to sob in public from reading this book. Not even so much the sad parts, but even the happy moments. The book perfectly describes what I could imagine how dogs think. Why they are the lovable and loyal animals. The dog lives three different lives and finds a different purpose in each one of them but towards the end of the book, they all connect with each other in some way. It's the type of book that's going to want to make you hug a dog afterwards
( which is what I did one night after several drinks and started petting the sweetest security dog I've ever met)

I know the favorites list is a little different this month(s), but I love discovering other music/ books/ shows that people have been enjoying just as much as I like sharing it. So what favorites have been helping you get through for the month of January and February?

January 21, 2017

Review: Bite Beauty Agave Lip Collection (Scrub, Treatment, and Balm)

It's winter still so that means it's chap lipped season and Bite Beauty added two more products next to the cult classic Agave Lip Treatment. I adore Bite Beauty lip products but I never tried any of the treatments before so it was quite a treat (ha) when I received the lip balm and some samples of the treatment for gratis (yes those are the ones that kinda look like medication pills but it's really adorable). All of the products in this line have a sweet brown sugar smell which I'm obsessed with! The agave lip scrub I wound up making a sample for myself just to try it out so I apologize for the not so photogenic picture.

Agave Sugar Lip Scrub:

Lip scrubs are great to get rid of dead skin cells and especially before using a matte liquid lipstick which can tend to show lines and cracks on the lips. I definitely come to enjoyed this one as it gently exfoliates while also providing extra moisture. Almost reminds me to a honey and sugar scrub  just not as heavy. When you add water do the scrub, it becomes milky and activates the scrub. It really makes the scrub more effective and provides soft lips instantly. Although I do like how this product performs, the scrub is a little bit high up in my price rage and would recommend something quicker and easier such as the e.l.f Lip Exfoliator.  However, if you need a effective but gentle exfoliator for chapped lips, I don't think you'll be disappointed by this product. Just remember kids, exfoliate especially during those winter months.

Agave Lip Balm:

I remember seeing this on instagram and being way too happy that they made this into a balm. Same sweet brown sugar smell and gives the moisture that the lips need for about 3-4 hours. However, I do wish it was a bit creamier to apply. It does have a matte finish to it so if you wanted to moisturize the lips before going in with a lipstick it would be perfect for that. If it's a day I just want a lip balm, I probably would gravitate towards something else only because I like something just a bit creamier. So not a bad product, but not something that amazed me.

Agave Lip Treatment:

I really wished I didn't joined the bag wagon for this one, but it's a reason why this is so loved by many. It's a thick, creamy balm which is perfect for overnight. I love how this is still on the morning after and you'll feel a big difference. Even though the samples look small, a little bit goes a long way so getting the full size of this will definitely be worth the price point. I was previously using the Vaseline Lip Therapy Creme Brulee as my overnight lip balm which helps get the job done but the Agave Lip Treatment is just a bit creamier and lasts a lot longer. However, I wouldn't rule out trying the Vaseline Lip Therapy as it's a great drugstore alternative (also the smell...THE SMELL *heart eyes*)

So is it worth the whole collection? Honestly, if you suffer from chapped lips constantly, it might be nice to make an investment to treat your lips and constantly have them feeling great (and yes smelling great too). If I had to pick a favorite though, I think the Agave Lip Treatment takes the cake. Get a sample. Give it a shot because it's a beautiful product.

What lip balms or scrubs have you been liking for this season? I kinda want to do a whole post on lip balms possibly in the near future (yes the obsession is real).

January 10, 2017

Too Faced Peach Palette Review and Swatches

Too Faced continues to be one of my favorite brands when it comes to food related things and making them into wonderful palettes/ makeup products. I was beyond grateful that I was able to get the Peach Palette from Sephora gratis this past holiday season and after testing it out a bit, I've come up with my own opinions on the product and whether it is worth the hype or not. Although I received this for gratis, I always give my 100% honest opinion and thoughts on the product.

Originally when the peach palette came out, I loved the swatches and shadows but then I figured "how many of these neutral shades do I already own?" and "do I really need it?". But after testing it for the past couple of weeks, it truly is a unique neutral palette and I adore the combination of plums and peach creating almost a "sunset" type of look. 

For starters, the smell is wonderful. Smells just like candied peach rings and every time I smell it, I want a whole bag of them. Too Faced definitely knows how to get these spot on smells to their palettes which kinda provides a calming experience in a way (is that weird?)

I also apologize in advance for the strange font sizes in the photos. Photo editing wasn't fully cooperating with me early this afternoon and I'm still a newbie with the whole blogging experience.  

There are two duds with this palette however which are "tempting" a deep brown/black shade with fine golden shimmer and "talk derby to me", a deep plum/ black shade with purple shimmer. I was kind of upset with that second shade though because it looked like it could have been unique shade in the palette, but both shadows didn't provide with pigmentation  or blendability since they were so dry. Instead, it seems like the type of shades that would make the eye shadow look very muddy. I also kind of wish there were more peach shades to the palette. I do enjoy "candied peach" and "bellini" a lot but I was hoping for more peach and berry shadows with some neutrals (mostly the second row of shadows shown below).

Although I do enjoy the matte shadows in this palette, my favorite has to be the formulation on the shimmer shades. They are so creamy and pigmented which is probably one of the main reasons why I keep picking up this palette. One shade I do like using as a highlight for pretty much anything including my face is "nectar". I have it compared at the bottom here to the balm's Mary- Lou Manizer to show that it has a little more of that "peachy" warmth to it. 

Overall, if you are looking for a neutral palette with hints of color to it but nothing too crazy, this would be a great palette. But if you're like me, and have a massive amount of neutral palettes, I don't think this is necessary to pick it up. It is nice and reminds me of spring and summer months, but I continue to gravitate towards my Chocolate Bar Palette and pick up colors from single eye shadows in my z palette. I find it easier to build on colors that you already know you like and create a look from that. 

But then again... the palette smells like candy. Delicious candy. 

Any neutral/ color combo palettes that have worked out for you? Do you enjoy the dessert related scents that Too Faced constantly comes up with? Share some love down below