January 21, 2017

Review: Bite Beauty Agave Lip Collection (Scrub, Treatment, and Balm)

It's winter still so that means it's chap lipped season and Bite Beauty added two more products next to the cult classic Agave Lip Treatment. I adore Bite Beauty lip products but I never tried any of the treatments before so it was quite a treat (ha) when I received the lip balm and some samples of the treatment for gratis (yes those are the ones that kinda look like medication pills but it's really adorable). All of the products in this line have a sweet brown sugar smell which I'm obsessed with! The agave lip scrub I wound up making a sample for myself just to try it out so I apologize for the not so photogenic picture.

Agave Sugar Lip Scrub:

Lip scrubs are great to get rid of dead skin cells and especially before using a matte liquid lipstick which can tend to show lines and cracks on the lips. I definitely come to enjoyed this one as it gently exfoliates while also providing extra moisture. Almost reminds me to a honey and sugar scrub  just not as heavy. When you add water do the scrub, it becomes milky and activates the scrub. It really makes the scrub more effective and provides soft lips instantly. Although I do like how this product performs, the scrub is a little bit high up in my price rage and would recommend something quicker and easier such as the e.l.f Lip Exfoliator.  However, if you need a effective but gentle exfoliator for chapped lips, I don't think you'll be disappointed by this product. Just remember kids, exfoliate especially during those winter months.

Agave Lip Balm:

I remember seeing this on instagram and being way too happy that they made this into a balm. Same sweet brown sugar smell and gives the moisture that the lips need for about 3-4 hours. However, I do wish it was a bit creamier to apply. It does have a matte finish to it so if you wanted to moisturize the lips before going in with a lipstick it would be perfect for that. If it's a day I just want a lip balm, I probably would gravitate towards something else only because I like something just a bit creamier. So not a bad product, but not something that amazed me.

Agave Lip Treatment:

I really wished I didn't joined the bag wagon for this one, but it's a reason why this is so loved by many. It's a thick, creamy balm which is perfect for overnight. I love how this is still on the morning after and you'll feel a big difference. Even though the samples look small, a little bit goes a long way so getting the full size of this will definitely be worth the price point. I was previously using the Vaseline Lip Therapy Creme Brulee as my overnight lip balm which helps get the job done but the Agave Lip Treatment is just a bit creamier and lasts a lot longer. However, I wouldn't rule out trying the Vaseline Lip Therapy as it's a great drugstore alternative (also the smell...THE SMELL *heart eyes*)

So is it worth the whole collection? Honestly, if you suffer from chapped lips constantly, it might be nice to make an investment to treat your lips and constantly have them feeling great (and yes smelling great too). If I had to pick a favorite though, I think the Agave Lip Treatment takes the cake. Get a sample. Give it a shot because it's a beautiful product.

What lip balms or scrubs have you been liking for this season? I kinda want to do a whole post on lip balms possibly in the near future (yes the obsession is real).

January 10, 2017

Too Faced Peach Palette Review and Swatches

Too Faced continues to be one of my favorite brands when it comes to food related things and making them into wonderful palettes/ makeup products. I was beyond grateful that I was able to get the Peach Palette from Sephora gratis this past holiday season and after testing it out a bit, I've come up with my own opinions on the product and whether it is worth the hype or not. Although I received this for gratis, I always give my 100% honest opinion and thoughts on the product.

Originally when the peach palette came out, I loved the swatches and shadows but then I figured "how many of these neutral shades do I already own?" and "do I really need it?". But after testing it for the past couple of weeks, it truly is a unique neutral palette and I adore the combination of plums and peach creating almost a "sunset" type of look. 

For starters, the smell is wonderful. Smells just like candied peach rings and every time I smell it, I want a whole bag of them. Too Faced definitely knows how to get these spot on smells to their palettes which kinda provides a calming experience in a way (is that weird?)

I also apologize in advance for the strange font sizes in the photos. Photo editing wasn't fully cooperating with me early this afternoon and I'm still a newbie with the whole blogging experience.  

There are two duds with this palette however which are "tempting" a deep brown/black shade with fine golden shimmer and "talk derby to me", a deep plum/ black shade with purple shimmer. I was kind of upset with that second shade though because it looked like it could have been unique shade in the palette, but both shadows didn't provide with pigmentation  or blendability since they were so dry. Instead, it seems like the type of shades that would make the eye shadow look very muddy. I also kind of wish there were more peach shades to the palette. I do enjoy "candied peach" and "bellini" a lot but I was hoping for more peach and berry shadows with some neutrals (mostly the second row of shadows shown below).

Although I do enjoy the matte shadows in this palette, my favorite has to be the formulation on the shimmer shades. They are so creamy and pigmented which is probably one of the main reasons why I keep picking up this palette. One shade I do like using as a highlight for pretty much anything including my face is "nectar". I have it compared at the bottom here to the balm's Mary- Lou Manizer to show that it has a little more of that "peachy" warmth to it. 

Overall, if you are looking for a neutral palette with hints of color to it but nothing too crazy, this would be a great palette. But if you're like me, and have a massive amount of neutral palettes, I don't think this is necessary to pick it up. It is nice and reminds me of spring and summer months, but I continue to gravitate towards my Chocolate Bar Palette and pick up colors from single eye shadows in my z palette. I find it easier to build on colors that you already know you like and create a look from that. 

But then again... the palette smells like candy. Delicious candy. 

Any neutral/ color combo palettes that have worked out for you? Do you enjoy the dessert related scents that Too Faced constantly comes up with? Share some love down below