December 7, 2016

Mini Products.Mini Reviews: Sunday Riley UFO Clarifying Facial Oil and Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner(Gratis)

Hello Beauts. It's been a while since blogging and I figure on this rainy day it would be a good time to update you on the duo that has been saving my skin because I can't stop talking about it.

This is the first time I've used Sunday Riley and I can see why it's so loved by many. Both of these products have been great to use in the day time before makeup and at night. The Martian Mattifying Melting Water Gel-Toner is perfect to use after cleansing to help calm down any redness and mattify the face before makeup. I use UFO Clarifying Facial Oil after the toner and sometimes even mix it in with the foundation I'm wearing that day. Lately I have been using the oil more as an overnight treatment but these two products together has helped tamed redness and my acne. The only downside to the oil is that the smell is not my favorite, but it doesn't linger. Facial oils always scared me since I tend to have combination skin, but this oil sinks into the skin after about 15 minute.The price is steep for both of the products but if you suffer from adult acne like I do, I do think it's definitely worth to try this. I always suggest getting a sample first to make sure that you don't have any bad reactions to the products. This year I've really stay true to taking care of my skin so this is definitely something that I want to keep up with and willing to spend the extra money on. Of course the best to keep great skin is a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water but having this product helps a lot since I tend to fail to keep up with a so called diet sometimes.

August 5, 2016

how are you?

This past summer I've been working 2 jobs so finding the time to sit down and blog was incredibly difficult and I miss it so much. I'm so happy to say that I will be working more hours with Sephora and that I will be able to have time to blog again and bring new content to the blog.

I was extremely stressed with my other job and with Sephora I feel more of a sense that I belong there to learn and grow more. I want to be able to focus more time and energy towards things that I enjoy and have a passion for. Everyone should be able to have that opportunity to grow in a field that they love and to continue to keep pushing forward.

A friend told me the other day  how she loves my blog because it feels like the blog where you can "cuddle up and have a cup of coffee with". I love that she said that because that's exactly how I want this blog to feel. I want it to feel like a place where you can unwind from the day and feel like we're having a coffee chat and forget about the rest of life's problems.

I'm really excited I'm going to be able to create more content for you like that on this blog so stay tuned♥

June 23, 2016

Review: Lancome Juicy Shaker

Hello everyone! It's been a while but today I bring you a review of the Lancome Juicy Shaker. When I saw these popping up all over the internet, I was so intrigued by the concept of it and how convenient it would be for the summer time.  I feel like the price tag is a little much whereas I could see these running for $18 instead of $21.

Packaging is adorable in how it looking like a little cocktail drink and I love how each color has it's correlating scent to it.

Wear Time: I feel like I only get about maybe and hour or so of wear time from this. I wasn't expecting much for wear time since it's more of a gloss. I don't find these as moisturizing as they claim to be as I feel find myself wanting something more moisturizing like a lip balm. I also wish these had more of a staining power after the gloss fades away ( I was thinking about Benefit's benetint)

Pigmentation: The color I picked up "Piece of Cake" is subtle but still noticeable which are the lip products I gravitate for in the summer and part of my minimalistic makeup routine. The color on this comes off as a warm terracotta (of course, my colors that I constantly love) and yes the smell is invigorating.

Worth the money?: I enjoy the concept and idea of this but I don't think it's worth the money for something that I thought was going to be more moisturizing and tinted.

I had high expectations for this product (especially it being my first Lancome purchase), but in the end I think the internet community over-hyped these. I still like it but I don't find myself using it as often and I don't love it enough to spend $21 on it.

Have you tired these or other colors? Are there any other lip tints that I should give a try? Let me know down below♥

June 8, 2016

Spring/ Summer Skincare Routine

I finally have somewhat of a skincare routine since I'm so drawn to using makeup wipes or micellar water for easy access especially for late working nights. But I'm getting better sticking to a routine despite how tired I may be (this includes after maybe a couple of glasses of sangria as well)

Morning Routine:

Been very curious of the Boots Botanics line ever since I saw it at Target. So when I got a Target gift card for my birthday (by the way, probably just the best gift you can give me because I'm a Target hoarder) I decided to pick these up.

The cleanser and a new addition to my skincare routine, toner, are part of the All Bright line which contains brightening hibiscus. I really like using these two products in the morning because it does help brighten up the face before applying the rest of my products for the day. The toner also helps tighten up the pores and I feel it makes my skin feel absolutely clear of any other impurities. I don't notice any long time results with these products. I just enjoy that it gives immediate brightness to the face and cleans the skin before the start of the day.

Occasionally, if I feel the need for extra exfoliation or my face is looking extra dull and tired, I'll reach for my mini Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. This stuff is incredible. I might even consider one day to purchase the whole tub despite it being around $58. This is a fairly quick mask and only requires you to leave it on for 3-7 minutes. There's is a bit of tingly action when you first apply it but that's the magic working (yes I said magic). When you wash this off, the skin looks even brighter and awake and focuses to reduce the appearance of aging. And of course, I have to mention the smell because I am you're typical girl that enjoys a great pumpkin scent. The scent is spot on pumpkin pie. I want pumpkin pie as I type this because food scent related products are my thing of course.

Finally, I add my Garnier Ultra-Lift  Anti-Wrinkle Firming Eye Cream in the morning and night routine. This stuff is pretty fantastic considering it's drugstore. Not too thick and not too thin of a consistently. I've definitely noticed improvement of de-puffiness around my eye area and a reduce in wrinkles over the past couple weeks with consistent use.

Nighttime Routine: 

My Conair Skin brush is my favorite for taking off all of the makeup at night but actually giving it an extra clean removing any dirt that may have accumulated as well. I pair this with my Clean and Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser which helps continue to keep my acne down. I have a previous blog post on both of these products here if you're interested to know more.  And always remember to to cut up your cleansers when you "think" you're done with them. There's always so much more product in there aka more of your money. For removing eye makeup, I've been using baby oil which helps to break up all of the stubborn mascara once it's massaged in. Cheap and effective. Aren't those the best products?

If some pimples do decide to just show up, I go for the Acne Free Spot Treatment Terminator 10 . Again, this is one of those products I found that you have to use at least for a night or 2, to see the the pimple diminish overtime.

I find that my skin doesn't need a night moisturizer especially with the warmer months coming up so I mostly just stick to using my eye cream. Sometimes if I want to do a little bit of R&R, I will use one of the Sephora Face Sheet Masks. There's so many to choose from but I really been loving the Avocado and Green Tea sheet masks. It helps to give the extra boosts that the skin needs and replenishes it especially after long work weeks. Plus, it just feels relaxing and cooling. Considering that these are $6 each, it's good to treat yourself and your skin once and a while. And if it's not that great of a week, you go for 2 masks a week and a bottle of red.

Finally, a intensively moisturizing lip balm is a must. Often, I will go for the Vaseline lip therapy in creme brulee but something about the spring month's is making me use the Smith's Strawberry lip balm. Both are great thick lip balms that I personally enjoy using at night.

For the quick nights when you can't be bothered with a whole routine:

I personally enjoy using the Kirkland makeup wipes (Costco brand). I like that you get 4 packs of 30 count wipes and 2 travel size with 15-count. Is it just me or makeup wipes that have an actual closing lids are just better? The wipes are definitely great to remove makeup including mascara and they aren't too drying but sometimes I find them too harsh for my skin. When that's the case, I use micellar water in particular the Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water. I think I like using micellar water a little bit more just for the added moisture it provides to the skin whereas makeup wipes could dry out the skin.

What products do you enjoy using for the Spring? And out of curiosity what are your favorite makeup wipes and eye makeup removers? I'm always looking out to try new products for those quick nights.♥

June 2, 2016

May Favorites (and I finally finished a book)

So May has been a very hectic month for me in my personal and work life. I really missed having a blog post together every week so here I am, back and ready to share some of my favorites that have been helping me get through this month. Because spoiler alert, a great lip product will help with anyone's day.

Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm: I really didn't need to buy another lip balm when I already have so many, but the temptation was there by the registers at Sephora and I know a lot of people love them so I got the strawberry flavor because of summery reasons. I think I like this so much because it's a thin formula but provides the moisture of a thick lip balm which I think is perfect for the summer months especially with the minimal makeup.

Perfect moisturizer for the summer, Normally my cult favorite moisturizer is the Clean and Clear Morning Burst hydrating gel moisturizer. I like the 
Sephora one a little bit more because it adds the spf 20 and with the
 sunshine out everyday, it's incredibly important to use spf daily. Plus, it's a matte moisturizer which I also like using to control the oily forehead during the summer months.

Sephora X Formula Sheer Strength in Tenacious:  So confession time, I'm a nail biter. I guess it's anxiety but I've had this problem since I was a kid. So, I'm trying to focus of getting out of that habit. What I like about this nail polish in particular, is that makes your nails look polished and neat without having the application be perfect since the color is sheer. The great thing about this, is that it strengthens the nails and it can be also use as a base coat or just on it's own. It a nice soft, polished look especially for the spring or it you have to be somewhere quick and don't want to deal with the hassle of "actually polishing" your nails (left hand always comes out great, right hand always looking like a hot mess am I right?)

Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Mocha: I can understand why so many people like this liquid lipstick. This color is very similar to Lolita from Kat Von D however I like this a little bit more because I find it more moisturizing and doesn't show the cracks in my lips as much as Lolita. I could get about 6-7 hours from this color until it starts to feel a bit uncomfortable. This has been my lip color for the interviews I've been going to this month and I think it's sophisticated but not too bold. Overall, I'm really impressed with the formula and I really want to snag up some more colors during there sales. If you're interested in trying them, keep your eyes peeled on Hautelook as they occasionally pop up on there as well (and don''t forget about Ebates! All about that "cash back" life)

Benefit Hide and Sheen 01: This is a perfect little compact for travel. I found this at Sephora (once again the small goodies by the registers) and I figured I give this a shot. It comes with .04oz of the Boi-ing concealer and .04 oz of the the Watt's Up cream highlighter. I've enjoyed using this so much. This thin formula concealer is fantastic in concealing and brightening up the under eye area. The cream highlighter adds a great glow to the skin without it being glitterly.  Put the 2 products together in one compact and you have the next best thing to coffee to make yourself look like you're ready to conquer adult activities (Fool everyone. That's the motto).

Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer in Cocoa Radiant: I love these sprays so much! I haven't tried other brands yet but this is so fantastically quick in moisturizing the body without it feeling greasy and throwing on your clothes. I don't have the body to move exactly the way the lady throws on her clothes in that commercial but I still do the skinny jean dance so that counts as talent right?

Random Favorites:

Book: Me Before You. I wish I didn't like sappy romantic books that are being turned into movies but this book was memorable. I truly enjoyed how this book takes the perspective of 2 different people and how they discover more about themselves when they are with each other over time. Louisa, a cheerful soul becomes a caregiver to Will, a quadriplegic who has lost his interest to enjoy and have happiness in his life.

I think this book is so captivating too because it takes a concept that is still present in reality. Is it worth living if you can't be able to enjoy it? Whereas if you have the opportunity to live life to the fullest, why aren't you? It's almost as though they bring out the best potential out of each other. Such a great book with me tearing up at times and I'm so excited to see the characters come to life in the movie this Friday.

Music: The Revivalists . In particular the song "Wish I Knew You". But honestly, the whole album "Men Amongst Mountains" is perfection. I feel like it's perfect laid back music but it still carries a beat and every song seems to have a great use of horns (sounds weird but it works).

Food Related: I've been on a huge caramel coffee kick. Also how do you pronounce it? Car-mel? Car-a-mel? It doesn't even matter too much how you pronounce it, all I know is that I found my love for caramel again.

Candle: Got this candle from Target when they were doing a sale and even though it's going into summer, I still feel like for cooler mornings or nights I still like having a candle. This one just smells clean and summery and I think I paid $7 for it which isn't bad considering the size. I'm definitely going to re-purpose this glass jar after the candle is all used up, But so far I really enjoy the Target candles and they have just as much variety as Bath and Body Works without having to spend the $22 on one.

So how was May for you? Was it just as hectic or was that just me? Any new favorite summer essentials? Comment down below and send some love♥

May 28, 2016

life update

Oh goodness, it really has been a while. May has been quite the difficult time for me in my personal life and work life. But I do have posts on there way! I just wanted to give a quick post that I'm still here and I'm looking forward to getting back into blogging♥

May 14, 2016

April Birchbox 2016

Good Morning! Today I bring my review of this month's Birchbox which I wish I was more excited for the products in it as I was for the design of the box. Rifle Paper Co. designed this box for this month and it's definitely going to be re-purposed (I was thinking maybe for sheet mask and mini mask samples?)

Acure Organics Pore Minimizing Facial Scrub: Probably my least favorite product in this box. Although it deeply cleans the skin well and slightly exfoliates it, I couldn't get over the smell. It might have just been me, but I feel like it almost has a curry smell to it (it might have been the Moroccan red clay that's in the scrub). I stopped using it because of the smell. But if you don't mind the smell, I do think this is a great facial scrub that does, as it says, cleaning out impurities and leaving the skin clear and soft.

Benefit Cosmetics the POREfessional face primer: It wouldn't be a monthly subscription box without one. This primer is much loved for a reason. It reduces the appearance for pores, oil- free and provides a matte base before putting on makeup. I've heard that the NYX's pore filler primer is a drugstore dupe for this if you wanted to spend less money but get the same results. However, I never personally tried the nyx primer so that's a whole other post.

Davines OI All in One Milk: As mentioned from my previous birchbox review, I'm not a big fan of putting product in my hair very often. It's described in the card that this is a "leave-in treatment" that adds "volume, shine, detangling, and heat protection".  I've tried using this product on it's own when my hair was towel dried and just for fun tried to spray some after curling my hair to give it added shine. Overall, this product didn't do much for me. I feel like I was adding unnecessary product for something that my hair didn't need.

The Beauty Crop PBJ Smoothie Stick- Guava Nice Day: I really adore the packaging and appreciate clever puns such as this one. I also love the convenience of chubby lipsticks as in how it doesn't require too much work and is very easy to reapply. The pigmentation is fantastic and give a graceful stain to the lips. It goes on the lips smooth and even though it a bold magenta, it comes off muted and soften berry. Smell is not my favorite  and neither is the color unfortunately. I only seem to wear this when I have it paired up with a deeper berry or mauve color put in the middle. However, I think the product and formulation is great. I'm just not a fan of the color. But hey, maybe I'll eventually branch out of my comfort zone this summer and wear more pinks.

Juliette Has A Gun- Not a Perfume: I saved the best for last. I wouldn't have thought that a perfume sample would be my favorite thing in this box this month. This "perfume" has one single ingredient in it which is Cetalox. This is also allergen free and described as elegant, minmalistic and pur. I'm not a big perfume girl but this is so light and simple but has a little bit of spice to it to give it a little something extra. The only downside is that it lasts for about 5-6 hours. I've gotten so many compliments this month wearing this perfume and I'm considering buying a rollerball to carry in my bag. I'm obsessed with this and I definitely recommend getting a sample from Sephora just to try it out.
Overall not my favorite box this month but I will say that perfume is going to be my staple this spring and summer. Did any of these products in particular caught your interest? Let me know down below♥

May 1, 2016

Battle of the Liners

As much as I love lipsticks, a close second is liner. I still manage to look like I'm 16 at 24 so liner really does help my eye s and perk it up a bit. I remember starting off with the e.l.f Expert Liquid Liner and for a $2 liner (in Target it's a $1) it works fantastically and gives you great control to create the perfect wing. Although the e.l.f one has worked perfectly for me, it doesn't dry down fully matte and you don't get much product so I wanted to branch out to other products and test of their performance. Is it worth the money?

On positive note, all of these liners don't fail in pigmentation. However the performance does differ.

Let's start with my least favorite and make our way towards the top (kind of)

#5 Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2 in 1 Lash Boosting eyeliner and serum:

I bought this on the spur of the moment hoping it would be a dupe for Kat Von D's liner. The pen has a fine tip brush (very similar to the Kat Von D) and gives great control when making a perfected wing. I find that this one doesn't last all day on me and the wings kind of "fly away" (haha I'm so lame). It's more of a liquid-y liner and doesn't dry down fully matte so that may have been the reasons why.

#4 Benefit "They're Real!" Push- Up Liner: Ugh. I have a love/ hate relationship with this product. I love it because it's a gel liner in a pen form but I also hate it for the same reason. The positive points: it's stays on all day and drys down to a matte intense black. However, every time I go to use this, I have to swipe it a couple of times on the back of my hand because it will sometimes be too liquid-y. I also have to swipe it so it lines up perfectly with the angle tip so you're not putting a chunk of gel liner on your lid. I also find it very difficult to make a wing with this liner so I only use this on days when I want it wider on the outer corners. to make my eyes bigger. I really love the look of gel liner but I don't know if it's worth the investment for something that you have to keep wasting product on. For that matter, I rather take more time to actually practice with gel liner.

#3 Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner: This isn't a bad liner. But definitely not my favorite. So let's start with the positives. It has great control and precision to create a wing. Although it does stay on all day, I feel like the black color fades away and sometimes will occasionally feather out with initial application. I'm happy I finally gave this a shot but it's not the liner for me but it might be for others.

Okay so here's my top 2

#2 Jordana Color Stay Envy Liquid Liner:  This might be my favorite drugstore liner ( I think it's around $1.50 but I can only find it on amazon for $6). If you can find this at you're local dollar store, pick it up. This liner is no joke. It gives intense, black color, drys down matte and will not budge. The fine brush tip makes easy wings but the wings won't fade away or smudge off. However, I will say to not pick up the colored ones. I find that those do not off the same pigmentation as the black liner and you would have to keep going back over the color. Overall, this product is a major win especially with the price tag!

#1 Kat Von D Tattoo Liner:  I think this liner is worth the hype. It has everything you want from a black liner. The only downside is that hefty price tag ($19). But I love how easy the application of this liner is but how it makes it look like you've done more work than you actually did. I feel like the brush tip gives great precision for wings and getting close to the lash line whether you want it to be a thick or thin line. I wish I didn't like this as much as I did, but hey it happens right?

Honorable Mentions (for the non liquid liners):

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Liner:  I seriously want to collect these like they're candy. These are incredible. They do not budge but it does give you enough time to smudge it out. I'm so intrigued to try the rest of the colors in the collection now.

midnight bue// jade

Of course there's other great liners out there. So what are your favorites? Anyone drugstore hidden gems that I should know about?

April 27, 2016

April Favorites 2016 (and a few random shout outs)

Just as predicted (or at least for me) April flew by so quickly. I went to IMATS, became a server and continue to ate a lot of hummus (mostly at midnight). The products I've been using this month start to work in with the idea of simplicity and require minimal work. As it gets warmer out, I like to attempt to keep my beauty regime simple so everything doesn't melt off my face. I say attempt, because I still loving using my eye liners (dedicated post coming to you soon!) Here are my favorite products for the month of April.

How cute are the little succulent plants? Not even real. They we're $3 from Target and I figured it went with the whole Spring theme. But really I just love succulents too and I'm bound to collect more and become a crazy plant lady.

I got this blush from IMATS and I'm so glad I bought it. I'm obsess with the terracotta color and warmth it gives to my cheeks so essentially it's great to work in as a bronzer as well. It stays on all day plus the floral design is adorable and fits with spring (I might have mentioned in the last post that I have an obsession with floral designs) . I think I got this between $12-$14 so in the mid-range area but I truly believe is worth it especially for the amount of product you're getting and is an excellent color for the spring and summer.

I really love products that you're able to multi-task with, I purchased this Bobbi Brown setting spray during the VIB sale. It's a little pricey, but I was out of setting spray and I figured I give this a shot. I like this setting spray because it doesn't feel too much like "hairspray" on your face. It's sets it while hydrating it which I never knew would have felt so refreshing. I have used this as a primer and it works perfectly. Plus, this smells like chamomile tea which I find very relaxing. I know that can be and acquired taste for some, but if you have a few extra bucks and looking for a hydrating setting spray, give this one a shot.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Liquid in Light Ivory (091):

I was hoping to not fall in love with a new foundation. But for a comfortable, full coverage foundation that last all day, this rimmel one will be a game changer. I have tried applying this with a foundation brush but it came off too streaky. However, with my Real Technique's beauty sponge, it's flawless but not "cakey". It covers so well, that I forget to cover up my acne with concealer (and you know I love using my Urban Decay concealer when I can). There's is a bit of a floral scent to it but nothing overpowering and the scent doesn't last all day. It says it's sweat and humidity proof. I've put this out to the test on my serving nights, which requires going back and forth from the kitchen and this foundation holds up perfectly. I'm excited to see how well it does in the actual summer sun. So far it's a major win. 

I'm all about the brighter eyes in the spring months (do the starry lights make it obvious?) So I went back to these two cult drugstore classics. The Rimmel scandal eyes eyeliner in Nude is great for the waterline and works well with opening up the eyes without being as harsh as white. Another classic is the Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser for Dark Circles. I really love this especially when the whether gets warmer since it's essential to the lazy girl routine. . 

Besame Brightening Face Powder in Vanilla:

This Besame setting powder has been my favorite for a while actually but when I want to stay matte especially in the warmer months, I've been gravitating towards. It says translucent but it is a pale yellow powder so it helps with brightening up the skin and is great for setting the undereyes since it's finely milled. Plus it smells like delicious vanilla (you know me and my love for products that smell like food).


On a side note, I'm a avid mug collector (hold me back the day when I get my own kitchen). So I saw this Betsey Johnson mug (love her style) and it was on sale at Micheal's plus another 20% off so I got it for $5! Yes I could have just save that $5 for something else, but it's so adorable and the handle looks like a heart and it's so spring and perfection. Maybe it's just me but I truly believe the mug and it's level of fun-ness depends on the day you're going to have. It's important to have small things like this to keep the positive vibes going !

NYX Whipped Lip and Cheek Souffle in Coco Bean:

I can't seem to get myself away from the browny/mauve colors even though we're heading into spring. I've grown for a huge love for this product for it's multitasking purposes. They do have other colors that are brighter and more "spring type" (I'm thinking the Coral color will be my next purchase) but this cocoa bean color really gravitated me. These are a mousse like texture and work perfectly as a lip tint and cheek tint. This color in particular really warms up the cheeks well. The only bad thing is that the longevity isn't the best but that's what you get for a lip tint. Aside from that, I think these are quick and easy to have in the warmer months that really cut down on my makeup routine but still giving a "little something". Add bonus: it smells like vanilla frosting.


Alabama Shakes. Obsessed with their laid back sound even though some of their songs have a kick to it. I feel like every time I hear a new song from them, I instantly fall in love with it. Such a unique style and band. My personal favorites so far have been "Always Alright" and "I Found You". Great tunes and definitely give them a listen.

How was your April? Any favorite lip colors this month? Or food? Or anything that just really made you happy? Share your thoughts down below

April 19, 2016

Haul: IMATS 2016

Good Morning! How was everyone's weekend? It finally started feeling like spring in New York so of course I want to break out every floral item I own. ANYWAY, it's been a while since I've been on here, so let's get into this haul.

This was my second time going to IMATS and it didn't fail. The positive vibe were everywhere and worth all the long waits in line (which might explain why my body still hurts). It was great this year because the places that my best friend Emma and I did have planned we actually didn't go to. We went to a lot of different brands this year and even though we might have spent a little more over budget, I really believe we got high quality products for the discounted price. 

This is just a sampling of what I got. I did get Morphe brushes that aren't included and lipsticks from Lime Crime and Besame (photos are inserted below!) 

Dose of Colors/ Lime Crime/ Jouer

Sometimes you go to IMATS and you have a main focus. This year it was lipsticks and for some reason Emma and I felt like needed 10. Dose of Colors and Jouer had their liquid lipsticks for $15 when they're normally around $18. To my surprise, Lime Crime's Veletines were discounted to $16 (normally $20) and the unicorn lipsticks were also discounted to $8 since some are being discontinued. Plus with Lime Crime, you got a free lipstick with any purchase $18 or more so of course I had to make that quota because, free lipstick. Besame was one of the cutest booths at IMATS. The 2 girls that worked the counter were dressed in vintage 1940's style and called everyone darlin' (so adorable). They didn't have the best discount on their lipsticks (normally $22 on sale for $20) but I've been dying to get a red lipstick from them so I figured now would be the best time to finally get one. Finally Miss Adoro was a hit last year and they still had great prices this year. They're lipsticks I believe were $5. Of course I got another red and a purple berry color but in my defense, the colors were named "skinny dippin" and "i dare you".  I really do have ridiculous reasons as to why I buy these products.This is a brand I highly recommend with great quality products but on the affordable end and their customer service is fantastic.

Left to Right: Jouer in Papaye, Besame in Merlot, Miss Adoro in Skinny Dippin', Lime Crime in Chinchilla, Dose of Colors in Stone, Lime Crime in Pumpkin (I have a love relationship with this one), Lime Crime in Coquette, Dose of Colors in Brick, Miss Adoro in I Dare You, Jouer in Petale de Rose

All of the lipsticks no matter what brand it was, had beautiful packaging. It was another factor to my purchases. 

MBA Cosmetics/ Swirl and Sparkle: 

Out of all of the booths there, I feel like the majority of my money went to MBA Cosmetics. Although I was disappointed to not find their flavored chapsticks there, they still had a lot to offer. I was amazed by the wide variety of shadows they had including glitters which made me reconsider going to violet voss since that line was insane. the shadow pans I believe range from $4-$5. I also got one of their glitters which looks like unicorn amazingness. I also picked up a blush (hint hint will probably be in my favorites) and one of their highlighters that has huge impact. It looks like a highlight that angels made. I'm in love.

Finally, Emma and I met Marii Lang, owner of Sparkle and Shine  and she introduced us to a brush cleaner that she created. It's so convenient to use since the soap is already in the jar (awesome for travel). You just wet your brushes, swirl it in the soap and rinse it off. You can get a deeper clean by swirling the brushes in the diamond provided on the inside of the lid. I found this works really well with beauty blenders as well. I was slightly intrigue because Emma pulled me over to tell me this smells like "Toasted Marshmallow" even though originally I had no idea what the product was. I was just ready to buy the product anyway just for the smell. She has so many cute designs and different scents as well as different size options. She was such a sweetheart to meet and I really recommend checking her out. The small one I got was $15 and the bigger ones I believe were $30. It's people like her and great products that I never knew about, that make me love IMATS. That you're constantly learning but also making new connections with other people who genuinely care about their products. Definitely one of my favorite people I met this year.

But seriously get the Toasted Marshmallow one. It's heavenly.

Wolfe Face Art and FX:

Yes I did purchase a palette from an FX booth and I have no experience but it's a field that I really want to start getting into. I talked with the talented Matt Limbach towards the end of the day and he was incredibly awesome. He was explaining how this palette was a great beginner basic palette. You get 12 colors that are perfect to mix together but when apply them to the face, the color stays true to their tone without getting muddy with the other colors. He was very understanding when I told him that I just teach myself off of YouTube videos and that I wasn't a professional in any way. He was down to earth and you could tell he had a great passion for this. So I'm really excited to start using this palette especially during the Halloween season ( I just have a huge love for that season).

IMATS this year was somehow better than the first time I went. I think I constantly want to go there because you keep continue to learn something new every time you go. You get to meet these people that have the same passion as you do and understand that all makeup is unique and different. It was nice branching out to other brands this year that I wasn't think I was going to like. It's worth the long waits in line, the traveling and waking up at 4am. So it's safe to say I'll probably be purchasing my ticket for next year's trip. 

April 5, 2016

Birchbox: March 2016 Review

This is my first ever subscription box service and I'm really pleased with this box. This month it's based off of being "Ready For Anything".  Of course, you get 5 deluxe size products ranging from hair, skincare and makeup that nice for travel and portable.

Parlor by Jeff Chastain: This is a smoothing blowout spray that I've really enjoyed this month. It has a light citrus scent but not like a household cleaner. Not only did this smooth out my hair and tamed fly aways, but It also didn't feel heavy on the hair which I really liked. I'm not an avid hair product user just because I always feel like it settles and feels heavy, but this product just really great for a light weight blowout especially with the summer coming up. 

MILK Studios Lip color in C.R.E.A.M: Despite that I wish the sample size was a little bigger, I did enjoy this product. I know MILK is a recently new cosmetics brand so I'm really happy that it was included in this box. The color is a peach nude that has a mostly matte finish. Pigmentation was excellent it was very comfortable on the lips. I would compare this to my Burt's Bees lip crayon in how they are comfortable to wear, easy to maintain but still have enough color to make it seem you put yourself together a bit.

Smashbox Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio in Filter: By far my favorite product in this box. The photo op shadows from smashbox are outstanding and this sample size it perfect. Pigmentation is very much there and you don't have to pick up too much from your brush. But these shadows blend so well into each other without getting muddy. I love how portable and simple this trio is. Sometimes I'm always so eager to get the next big palette that I forget how simple and easy it is to use trios since occasionally I'll find myself overwhelmed with bigger palettes. You can't really mess up with 3 neutral, matte colors. Simple and easy. 

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream: And for second favorite product in this box would be this. This is a great winter moisturizer. It's very hydrating for the skin but settles into the skin without it feeling tacky on the face. I could see this being a really nice night moisturizer as well since it's a thick consistency. I'm really intrigued to try their other products and possibly reconsidering to purchase this for the winter months.

Wilma Schumann Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads: Probably my least favorite product in the box. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't amazing. It did feel very relaxing and cooling. I kinda wish I refrigerated mine to get a little but more of that cooling sensation. It did give a little bit more moisture to my under eyes but other than that, not too much of a difference and not a necessity in my routine. 

As I said overall I really do like my first box. I will be doing a review on the April box so keep your eyes peeled for that (kinda excited because the box is Rifle Paper Co. and I'm obsessed with their floral designs.) It's really fun doing these subscription boxes and getting these little goodies once a month. Sort of a "treat yo self" but for $10 a month and 5 different mini products. Not too bad huh? 

Have you tried any other subscriptions boxes? I'm really curious to know which ones you like or what some of your favorite products were from other subscription services 


March 28, 2016

March Favorites 2016

Warm and cozy was essentially the theme for this past month. March was pretty good.  I turned 24 and had a great birthday weekend with great people. But other than that, not much has happened and has been an "okay" month.  I have consumed more red wine this past month. Not sure how that happened...


I was really trying for a no-buy in March since IMATS is coming up but, these products kinda slipped in. Here are my top 8 for the month of March. 

Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette: I'm considering this a March Favorite even though I've only used it for the past 4 days. Considering it came out around my birthday, it smells like peanut butter chocolate, and it's limited edition, I had to treat myself (treat yo self - Parks and Rec fans anyone?) The shadows are incredible and match with Too Faced's notoriety. It has the pigmentation and the shadows blend perfectly together without it looking "muddy". Plus the added peanut butter chocolate smell is just divine. Surprisingly, I actually loved the "Jelly" color more than I thought. It adds a great pop of color to the lower lash line. Overall, I love Too Faced in general but I love that they create these "dessert like" palettes for people, like myself, who are obsessed with food and perfected palettes with outstanding shadow performance. Well done Too Faced. 

e.l.f matte lip pencil in Praline: I have 2 lip colors that I've been going for this past month. This is 
for the matte, browny nude, color that has been on trend. I love how subtle this comes out on the lips but gives a little hint of the brown color. I find that these aren't too drying for a matte lipstick, but if you do feel that you need a little extra added moisture, I find that the burt's bees chapsticks work pretty well (been using up my pumpkin spice because again, food related smells are just what get me), Added bonus, this is $3 (why I love e.l.f as possibly my favorite drugstore brand) Definitely intrigued to try the other variety of colors they have.

swatches: left to right- fresh sugar balm in honey, e.l.f matte lip color in praline

fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Honey: (this is from the Bare Beauties duo set):  this is my lighter peach color but still has some brown undertone to it. I got this in a duo set which is essentially cheaper since you're buying 2 different colors for the price of one. It worked out so well because I torn between these 2 nude shades since I wanted to get one and appreciate so much that they put it in a limited edition duo set. These will be smaller deluxe sizes however I think these sample sets are worth it if you definitely want to treat your lips but also have a bit of tint. Sometimes it's just easier to only maintain a chapstick on certain days and this is when this comes in handy.

e.l.f Eyebrow pencil in neutral brown: I realized the importance of "having eyebrows" to a makeup look. Luckily, I don't need too much filling in with my eyebrows but if I ever do need it just to pull the whole look together, I will bring this out. This is perfect for those that don't need too much filling in and is forgiving when doing light strokes. This isn't going to be as thin as most eyebrow pencils but isn't so big that you can't fill it in. I wouldn't say this is ideal for shaping but instead best for those that just need a little fill in to define them just a bit. Also, it's $2....of course you can take my money.

Urban Decay Primer Potion: I have not tried the anti-aging one enough to give a full review, but the primer potion itself, my god. I can see why this has a huge cult following. I originally got a sample at Sephora since I never tried it. Your shadows will not move. Ever. I have slept with my shadows on my face (bad move on my part) and the color and placement of the shadows were still there in the morning. I was impressed and I kinda got addicted to this formulation. I know I lot of different brands make similar formulations to this one but I did stock up at Nordstorm Rack for the smaller travel size tubes for around $5 since the dofa applicator replaced the old packaging. Still even for the travel size, I think that's a great deal since you only need a little bit so I'm all set for the next couple of months.

Urban Decay Naked Concealer in Light Neutral: Another Urban Decay product yes, but this is worth mentioning. If you need serious covered for something that's going to stay on all day and is lightweight but looks natural, this is your concealer. I was a little iffy about this since the price tag just didn't seem reasonable for a concealer (again I suggest to wait until Sephora as their Beauty Insider sale probably around April). However, I'm impress with how little you have to use to get full and spread out covered which makes me consider that it's worth the money. If you have the chance to try this or get a sample, definitely give it a shot.

Bdellium tools Pink Bambu 944 Tapered Contour Brush: This brush I got last year from IMATS and haven't started using it until now. First for starters, The people at the Bdellium booth we're so nice and helpful with all of the products. Just for their customer service alone, I would go back. They had such a wide variety of brushes for already affordable brushes that we're also eco-friendly. To keep it short and sweet, this has become my favorite brush for finely milled highlighters. It picks up enough product but not too much and applies a glow that looks perfected. I've had no problems with shedding or a lose handle when I washed it (always hang it upside down since this is a bamboo handle and you don't want water getting into it). It's definitely a brand to check out if you're looking for new brushes that won't break the bank but still maintain a high quality. 

Maybelline Super Sizer Mascara: I finally understand. This is an addicting mascara. This is, as many people have said, holy grail mascara. This makes voluminous, false looking, lashes and I can't believe it's from the drugstore. This is the perfect layering mascara especially for those mascaras that just need that "extra help". It stays put for the whole day that the only down side to it is that it can be difficult to take off at the end of the night (*whips out the coconut oil*) Excellent product that I hope Maybelline will continue to keep in there collection. Definitely look out to get this on sale (when CVS or Walgreens does BOGO 50% off)  or maybe using one of Ulta's $3.50 off $10 coupons.

8 products overall for my first favorites post. Too much? 

How was March for you? And what we're some of your favorites from this past month? ♥