January 9, 2015

First post (yay!) and my current, favorite eye shadow palettes at the moment

Hello internet beauties! I was trying to decide what I wanted my first post to be about and I figured everyone loves palettes (who doesn't...I mean really) so why don't I show my two current favorites?

I recently got the Revealed 2 palette from my best friend Emma and just been so so so in love with the rosy gold colors. The palette works perfectly with the LORAC Vixen matte palette which was an exclusive palette from Ulta during Black Friday 2014 (Just found out that these are back in stock on ulta!) The LORAC palette was a Christmas gift for myself and it's my first one I owned from them. Just, blown away with the pigmentation and blendability of their shadows.

both palettes together (so many heart eyes emjois)

Here's the LORAC Vixen palette. Packaging wise it reminds me a lot of the Urban Decay Basics so I love the idea that it's portable and has a magnetic closure especially that I'm always traveling. I did get this because of the neutrals but the stand out color for me is the deep burgundy shadow. I also really love that all the shadows are matte. It's a good basic palette to have with the one burgundy color if you did want to add a pop of color to the look. This is my first LORAC palette and the hype that their shadows get didn't disappoint.  I use my Coastal Scents eye shadow blending brushes and it works perfectly with the shadows. As I mentioned earlier, the pigmentation is incredible so one touch with your brush and you're good to go

swatches on bare skin no primer and with NYX Milk jumbo eye pencil 

I really really love this palette if you couldn't tell earlier. I really love that it captures the pretty soft rose gold colors in the top row that are similar to the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. It's the second row of deeper colors that work amazingly well with the top row and gives more definition to the eye look. I love the cranberry, mauve-y, and gray-ish purple shadows going on here. And of course a matte black which isn't too harsh and works with the softness of the other colors yet still gives off enough pigmentation to give the eye look definition. Another plus to this palette is the mix of mattes shimmers and satins. The feel and application of these shadows are fantastic minus the fourth shadow on the top row since it contains actual glitter. But other than that I really have no complaints for an affordable. Also, packaging is portable and magnetic closure is just awesome and so convenient (can you tell that I'm a sucker for packages that close magnetically?)

Closer look at the first 10 shades top and bottom. I really love the first satin color as a highlight. I thought the color would be too yellowy at first but it comes off cream with a hint of yellow and it's not overpowering yellow. I also really love the second shadow on the top row for all over the lid. It's a soft matte light pink. Again, the pink isn't too overpowering it's just enough to give it a little extra something to the lid instead of just a basic matte cream color. The other two matte shades is the first one and the third one on the bottom. The rest are shimmers that glide on like buttah and everyone likes buttah (just not actual stick of butter on the face). Finally, the fourth color in the top row contains actual glitter in it so it's a little difficult to work with since the pigmentation is okay. 

Closer look at the other 10 shades. Again, really happy that Coastal Scents put a black matte 
in there for added definition but not a black that's too harsh either. You have three more mattes here; the first one top row is a mauvey color and the 2 mattes at the bottom you have a cranberry color and a medium brown which I think is perfect for the crease. Of course the rest are shimmers and the application of them, like I said earlier, buttah...wonderful buttah. Finally I love the second to last shadow on the bottom which kinda looks like a galaxy of purples, blues and magentas. 

             So that's about it! Like I said a million times, these palettes are fantastic. The Coastal Scents one always goes on sale here and there and the LORAC one I'm sure you can still find on ebay, however I don't think it's a mandatory buy since I feel like the colors could be duped for a cheaper alternative. I do feel like you're getting a lot more colors and variety in the Revealed 2 palette rather than the Naked 3 but that's just my personal opinion and I can't say much since I never tried the Naked 3. 

        Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this first post and I hope that your day (or night) is filled with awesomeness <3