March 14, 2016

How to prepare for IMATS 101

Yes this is a post that doesn't relate to everyone, but if you're going to IMATS New York or any IMATS show this year, here are some pointers for your experience to be awesome. I mean it will already be great. but these tips make it a lot better.

Make a List:
        List are just great in general to make yourself feel like you got something together. Make a list of the booths you want to visit, what products you want to get, and where the booths are located in the venue. Another tip is to put down original prices and the discounted prices so you can space out your budget if you can. Best way to figure out the possible discounts is a bunch of youtube searching for current IMATS videos or even older ones just to get a general idea. If you really want to get wild, use colored pens to indicate the products you really want and others in black so that way if you have to spread out your budget and don't really need a certain product, you can pass up the item.

Creating a budget: 
      This is a tough one for me because when I went to IMATS for the first time with my best friend, I spent money like it was no one's business. But it should be my business because you can easily go overboard and realize that half of the stuff you bought you really didn't need or the discount wasn't that incredible. Pick a budget that you think is going to work for you. Right now for my current situation, I would like to stick to the $300-$350 range. Some people do $500. It all depends on what you feel right with. Do your research. See if certain products are worth the discount. For example. Tarte last year had their blushes for $10. They are normally $28. Like what? That's amazing yes please. But even though it's a great discount, don't go overboard! you wanna have enough money to get other products.

Be comfortable and prepare with other necessities:
        It's going to be a long day. Don't lie to yourself, you're not staying there for 4 hours. You're probably going to stay there the whole day because the whole event is so magical. Wear what you're going to be comfortable in. For me, sneakers or cute flat boots are the way to go. It's also the city so I just prefer something enclosed. Bring a decent sized bag as well so you can bring lunch and water instead of leaving the venue and missing time. Last year I brought some kick ass sandwiches and Emma and I sat in the morphe line for 2 hours eating our sandwiches. And just as important as the sandwiches, BRING MAKEUP WIPES. It's going to be a major swatch fest.

Shop Smartly: 
       When shopping try to stick to the list. Sometimes that can be difficult because you'll see something great that you didn't know they had before and it's just all down hill from there and you're brain says "what list??" But remember the key is that you don't want to go overboard. For Emma and I, it was overwhelming seeing all these incredible makeup brands that we felt like we needed to get everything. Meanwhile, in reality, half of our products that we bought from imats we didn't use. Another thing to make note of is to not repeat similar colors of similar products. So if you bought a lipstick from one booth and you find another one that looks similar but forgot about buying the other lipstick, you'll be wasting money on products that you could be spending on other stuff. And finally if you can, check to make sure the packaging of the products are intact. Emma bought a setting spray and it wasn't until we came home that we realized the sprayer didn't work properly. SO, that sucked..

Enjoy the experience, the people, and have fun:
      One of the reasons that I loved imats besides the discounts was the people. I loved that you're able to talk to someone in line and learn about the products they got and how they have the same passion for makeup as you do. How you watch all the makeup artists creating art right in front of you and in awe from their dedication. How sometimes these people come from different parts of the country to be there. How you're able to do a crazy eye look and no one will judge you but instead applaud you for doing it.To be confident and to do what makes you feel beautiful. I think that's the main reason I loved imats so much. I would say it's worth going at least once for that kind of experience.

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