March 4, 2017

January/ February Favorites 2017

Well this is long over due, but I decided to combine both of the months for my favorites. Also was it just me, or did these months seemed incredibly long and exhausting?


the balm blush in Cabana Boy
the balm is starting to become one of my new favorite makeup brands, which I may do a brand focus post on in the future. This is a great palette that I believe was limited  edition but the products in the palette are part of their permanent line.This blush gives a flush of "walked in from cold" look. I also just love berry colors this time of the year. They also suggest that this blush can be use as an eyeshadow as well so yay for multi purpose products!

BITE Beauty Agave Lip Treatment 
Unfortunately, I don't own the full sized product of this wonderful stuff but guys, seriously get your hands on this even if it's just a sample from Sephora. This is worth the hype and I would say worth the price since you only need a little bit. When I put this on at night and wake up the next morning, the product is still on my lips and it feels so hydrating. I know there are other options that can definitely get the job done as far a night lip balms go, but once you try this, it's difficult to go back to those other options. I've tried going back to my Vaseline Creme Brulee lip therapy and even though it works, I'm obsessed with the bite lip treatment and I crave it a lot more. Plus, the brown sugar smell is delicious.

The Creme Shop Clarifying Peppermint Cocoa Sheet Mask 
I bought this pack of 5 masks for $6 at T. J Maxx just out of curiosity and even though I'm not familiar with the brand. I've really come to enjoy these. It smells spot on chocolate peppermint but what I love about this is the cooling effect of the peppermint oil infused into the mask. Not only do I find this relaxing, but peppermint oil helps with acne- prone skin and I did notice a brighter difference in my skin after using the mask. I really did enjoy these a lot I'm definitely going to be on a search from more masks from this brand. The only downside is that I believe this mask was limited edition but maybe they'll bring it back for the holiday season?

Nude Stix Intense Matte Lip and Cheek Pencil in Belle
Slowly starting to fall in love with this brand as well. I got this deluxe sample from the Sephora Play subscription box I believe around October? I have to say that this is definitely one of my favorite lip crayons. It's matte but very comfortable on the lips and I find it fades gracefully through out the day. I love wearing this in the winter to achieve the matte lips without having the dryness that you get from liquid lipsticks. An added bonus is that this color can be used on the cheeks and it blends beautifully. I love products like this that provide multiple purposes and I definitely want to try more colors from their line.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation in fair-light neutral 
I re-fell in love with this foundation. I've been using this on my days when I don't want to worry about my makeup too much but still be "put together". This is a foundation that look better throughout the day as crazy as that sounds. I find that you can build this up to full coverage and occasionally I will spot conceal with it too. Definitely worth the purchase if you're looking for an easy product to use but still want a flawless and effortless look.


The Wild Reeds
 For starters, I'm in all support for girl bands and this band combines, folk, rock and a tad bit of country into the mix. I myself am not a huge fan of country music but there's just enough of it in their music to give a comforting feel to it. However, the main reason to why I've been obsessed with them is their lyrics and all three of the singers harmonize perfectly.The lyrics have helped me a lot through personal times and again, you'll be swooned by their harmonies. Some of my favorites from them have been "Everything Looks Better (In Hindsight)" "Where I'm Going" and "What I Had in Mind"

Punch Brothers
A band that composes stripped down songs perfectly with the rustic vibes from bluegrass but also the poise from classical music. "Julep" is definitely one of my favorites. Also listen to "Familiarity" to really be submerged in a piece that builds throughout the song. Or better yet listen to the whole album "The Phosphorescent Blues" it's incredible and I truly think you'll be able to escape reality for a while. Also, you'll fall in love with Chris Thile's swaying dance moves when he plays his mandolin.

The Walkmen 
Particularly the song "Heaven" has been hitting me right in the feels for the past two months. If you like indie rock, give them a shot. It just has good vibes to it. Other songs I've been liking have been "The Rat" "In the New Year" and "Song for Leigh".

Click on the image down below for my little spotify playlist I put together for you all


My lovely friend Chrissy gave me this scarf from the LOFT for Christmas and I've been wearing almost everyday. It's comforting and warm and super fluffy and big. These are obviously the qualities that I look for in my scarves. Just to be in absolute hibernation especially on early morning commutes.


Netflix's LOVE
If you're single or just got out of a relationship or struggling with the concept of love and whatever it is, then watch this show. I've come to enjoy the characters so much and their traits. The plots hit close to the heart and goes through the struggles that men and women go through in dating each other. It doesn't seem like a show that feels like it's acted out but instead it feels very relate-able. It has some great humor in it as well as excellent music choices. Binge watched the first season before the second season comes out March 10th.


A Dog's Purpose
I can't tell you how many times I wanted to sob in public from reading this book. Not even so much the sad parts, but even the happy moments. The book perfectly describes what I could imagine how dogs think. Why they are the lovable and loyal animals. The dog lives three different lives and finds a different purpose in each one of them but towards the end of the book, they all connect with each other in some way. It's the type of book that's going to want to make you hug a dog afterwards
( which is what I did one night after several drinks and started petting the sweetest security dog I've ever met)

I know the favorites list is a little different this month(s), but I love discovering other music/ books/ shows that people have been enjoying just as much as I like sharing it. So what favorites have been helping you get through for the month of January and February?

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