March 20, 2017

Brand Focus: Tree Hut

Well it's the first day of Spring and I'm still cold. But if you're still bundled up in a blanket binge watching Great British Baking Show (I may or may not have been doing this) then you could probably use some great body care products during your hibernation.

I discovered Tree Hut after watching Emily Noel's video on their body butter and shaving gel. So naturally I did purchase both of those products. This brand is sold at Ulta and is affordable ranging from $5 to $15 and I always wait for the $3.50 off coupon.

Let's just say as far as body care goes, this is becoming one of my favorite brands. The body butters feel comfortable and not sticky while still providing hydration especially during the winter months. But even better are the scents to these body butters. The first one I tried was the "Moroccan Rose" which doesn't smell overly like rose but rather a sweet dessert. It's such a interesting but comforting smell however different from a overly sweet vanilla scent. The second one I have and currently using, is the "Almond and Honey" scent. This smells like delectable almond cookies. Ugh, so good. So if you like smelling like a dessert (which who doesn't?) but you don't want it to be overly sweet, this might be some great butters to try out.

I was kinda skeptical on the Bare Moisturizing Shave Oil to be honest because I was very content just using the drugstore gels that I know get the job done. This is a beautiful product. It's excellent for a close shave without cutting yourself or having any irritation afterwards so really beneficial to those with sensitive skin. The only warning that I would say about this product is that because it's an oil to be careful washing it off so you don't slip in the tub. Other than that, I'm willing to pay the extra money for this since it provides such a close shave while bringing back moisture to the skin.

This is definitely a brand I want to continue to keep my eyes peeled on and I want to try other products from them such as their hand creams and body scrubs.

Have you tried any other products from Tree Hut? Or are there other body products I should consider trying during these last couple of days of cold weather? (fingers crossed)

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