June 1, 2017

May Favorites 2017

Hope you all had lovely May! Not much as happened for me this month. Just still keeping a positive vibe for things to come. Here's my round up of my favorites for this month.


This has been my go to especially with the warmer weather slowly coming up. I tend to get a little bit lazy with my makeup routine when it gets hotter out, which makes sense considering you don't want to wear as much. For a bb cream, it actually provides great medium coverage and balances out skin tone without it being too heavy. It also an spf of 20 which is always ideal. It's a really great product to try if you want to coverage but not the heaviness for the summer months. If you just need a lighter application, I would suggest using a beauty blender or real techniques sponge. 

I wouldn't consider this as a full on makeup setting spray, but more of a spa like refresher for the face. This provides a cooling rose scent which is great to use as a toner or even after makeup. Gives the tiniest glow to the skin and helps keep the face hydrated throughout the day. Again, I don't find this as a necessity, but it is a little refreshing "treat yourself" spray and if you have dry skin you're going to love it. It does have a rose scent so if that's not up your ally, I would steer away from this or maybe even trying their cucumber scent  instead. I could imagine these also being really handy when going to the beach too!

Not going to lie, this is probably my favorite thing I've been enjoying this month. These are wonderful. I originally got the peachy/ coral shade (03 Enchanting Blush) from Sephora gratis and I felt those type of colors were too bright for me. But this spring and summer, I kinda have been leaving my comfort zone and I've been gravitating towards them this season. Lately I've been wearing Enchanting Blush with the Too Faced peach oil in Pure Peach and pair the lips with a plum/ berry blus (right now it's been the balm in pinstripe which I LOVE) I'm not sure what has intrigued me to do this combination but I love the flushed cheeks paired with a peachy lip. The other shade I got was a basic everyday shade 07 Bashful Beige.

To quickly sum it up, these are very comfortable on the lips, smell like a sweet candy and stains the lips and gracefully fades away throughout the day. These remind me a lot of the revlon lip butters which I love for the comfort but not as shiny.  These are a definite product this summer if you're looking for the comfort and color but nothing to fuss about throughout the day. I might do a full on post of some of my favorite lip balms and tinted lip balms in the future with this in mind.

the balm Instain Blush in Pinstripe
Once again, I'm having IMATS regrets and I wish I picked up more of these. These blushes are incredible. They are pigmented, blend beautifully and last all day. I love this shade Pinstripe though. I think it's a color that will look great on all skin tones despite it being a deep plum shade. For me, it looks like a "walked in from the cold" shade which I love. I'll definitely be getting more use out of this shade when the winter months come but for now I really have been loving this paired with a coral lip. I might invest in more of these when they come back on Hautelook for 50% off. Well worth it.

It's not the most pigmented white, but I still enjoy using it and I want to try the other colors in this collection including the mint green and burnt orange. I've been enjoying this white liner so much! Definitely amps up a classic black wing and gives it a little extra to the look. I'm learning other ways in how to experiment with the white liner including polka dots since I'm just big on those for the summer months. Seriously, it's obnoxious the amount of polka dot related things I own sometimes.

I sadly do not own the full size of this. I just  have a sample from Sephora but oh my, this is wonderful. I'm trying more to explore into the world of fragrance even though I would be absolutely terrible at describing it, but there's something about this scent that makes you feel classy and has a vintage scent to it. Some people may complain that it smells too old-fashion but I personally love how feminine and classy this smells for the evening.



Beautiful: The Carol King Musical 
It's been so long since I've seen a Broadway show and let alone, a great Broadway show. This show goes behind the story of Carol King and her success as a songwriter. I think the big take away here on why I enjoyed it show much, is because her story shows that you can overcome heartache and be successful. That you can get through any struggles that have happen despite missing what use to be. As long as you maintain the confidence in yourself, you can go far. As cliche and cheesy as that sounds, it helped me a lot to put things in perspective for me. I loved Carol King before but I've come to appreciate her, her music the songs she helped composed even more.

So here's to June hoping that all of you have a great month! Keep growing and blossoming!♥

p.s: Bare with me for some of these pictures. Still trying to get the lighting to be a bit better!

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