August 5, 2016

how are you?

This past summer I've been working 2 jobs so finding the time to sit down and blog was incredibly difficult and I miss it so much. I'm so happy to say that I will be working more hours with Sephora and that I will be able to have time to blog again and bring new content to the blog.

I was extremely stressed with my other job and with Sephora I feel more of a sense that I belong there to learn and grow more. I want to be able to focus more time and energy towards things that I enjoy and have a passion for. Everyone should be able to have that opportunity to grow in a field that they love and to continue to keep pushing forward.

A friend told me the other day  how she loves my blog because it feels like the blog where you can "cuddle up and have a cup of coffee with". I love that she said that because that's exactly how I want this blog to feel. I want it to feel like a place where you can unwind from the day and feel like we're having a coffee chat and forget about the rest of life's problems.

I'm really excited I'm going to be able to create more content for you like that on this blog so stay tuned♥

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